Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter weekend......really!

We tell our thoughts,
like our children, to go put on their hats and coats
before they go out.
                             Henry Watson Fowler

The cows have been very busy, we now had sixteen cute little bundles of four legged joy running around keeping their Moms not to mention My Hero and I quite busy. All has been going pretty well, I know you are dying to know what has been going on with orphan Sally and her adopted Mom, well I am happy to tell you that Sally and her “Twin” brother (no name) are doing very well and it is clear to me that their Mom was meant to have twins (even if they were a day and a half apart) she is very capable and happy, I love watching these two keep her running and constantly on her toes or in this case, pointy hoofs.

I had a blog post all ready to post for today (Friday) on Wednesday night and I was so proud of myself for getting it done ahead of time since I have been rushing here and there, to and fro and honestly I never know which end is up these days. My Hero after my reading some excerpts of the post to him looked at me curiously and exclaimed “You can’t post that for Good Friday” I had completely forgotten about it being Easter Weekend how could that happen?  My life is way too busy.

There is so much going on in my life, on and off the farm, and with not having any one else living at home these days I just go into the same routine daily to keep some sense of normalcy, meaning most times lately I forget what day of the month it is. I know what day of the week it is for the most part only because of the fact that I post Monday, Wednesday and Fridays without fail for my sanity and those of you who graciously read my posts and expect it on those days. I like that routine and am grateful for that pleasure of sharing with all of you. Thank you for that.

How could I have forgotten such an important weekend holiday, a time where families share traditions and time together, a time that is to be treasured and not to be forgotten?

Well this is my Happy Easter post, thrown together on a Thursday morning, while looking out the window watching the moon fade and the sun start to creep over the horizon. I am sitting drinking a coffee before I head out to check the girls, I will have to start saying "and boys" now. There will possibly be hats put on heads and I do know there will surely be watching those sweet little calves run about bringing smiles and laughter.

Happy Easter everyone. Please enjoy the time and traditions with your families, there is nothing more important than that and I will make sure that I do the same even if my girls will not be home. Happy Easter girls I love you and will miss you but, now is the time to start your own traditions to enjoy.

There are no longer any fluffy cute chicks, or soft fuzzy ducklings with their cute little beaks, or for that matter very many fluffy bunnies running around the farm these days and I do know these photos of calves are not your traditional Easter photos BUT…. I have a sneaking suspicion these are just as smile evoking as those chicks, ducklings and furry bunnies that are usually seen during Easter and will give you that warm fuzzy feeling we all crave this time of year. Hope you enjoy them. 

(To that very special lady who will be driving for hours to get to her daughter I am thinking about you; safe travels. HUGS xo and Happy Easter)

THE END, See you Monday.