Monday, October 24, 2016

Too busy to be serious

Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough.
                                                    Charles Dudley Warner

It is true that I did have a wonderful vacation in one of my most favourite parts of the world, Vancouver BC. It is also true that my head is full of wonderful stories that are, unfortunately, still in my head. Where does the time go?

A head full of stories or a farm full of work, both do need attention, but I had to pick one. Yes, it is time to wrap up all those little things that need to be completed before the snow flies and the temperature drops around here. There will be plenty of days to snuggle down in a warm house with pen, to paper and write those stories that continue to percolate. Meanwhile, I have things that need to be dealt with.

There is a man in our basement. He bangs and he clangs, but when his job down there is complete, there will be two more farmers who accept the fact that sometimes, time itself does change the way you have to do things and accept that change. With a woodshed, full of wood we have decided that after many years, we are going to jump into the world of heat from propane. Yes, a propane furnace will make things easier for this farm girl. I look forward to less dust and less of those trips up and down the stairs.

There are apples that sit in wait of processing, and a pantry that waits to be filled. There are cows that need attention with so many details to deal with. That does not stop us from venturing out to check out an auction or drive the back roads that put on an incredible show of colour, even after our summer of drought. 

There are my walks among the cows as I try to recruit new models for the hats which will change from ball caps to knitted toques very soon. Bossy2 and Red continue to support my silliness. It seems now the next generation may be interested.

Or not, it depends on how long the hat stays on the head before it lands very close to a pile I would not have appreciated. Yes, there is more work to do.

There will be plenty of time to write those stories. My hope is that as they percolate they will evolve into something a serious writer would be proud of. An amazingly talented writer friend once asked me, after I had published a story that I was not sure about.

“So why did you publish it?” I still have no idea.

 I think she may be on to something. I do know I am still bound to publish those silly ones that make me smile, for no particular reason. I believe many of you will not mind that either, as I try to become that serious writer.