Monday, August 29, 2016

Oh Yeah

It were happy if we studied nature more in natural things;
and acted according to nature,
whose rules are few and plain, and most reasonable.
                     William Penn

I made it. Some of you know that I have been struggling with a back issue for a few months. Some of you know I have not been able to drive the tractor or walk the uneven ground to get to the bush full of trees. Well, I must tell you this weekend I did a little of both, and I feel fantastic.

First; I cut the lawn. The lawn that was non-existent for so long finally looked like an old hay field, full of luscious green grass and two-foot high Chicory plants so it was indeed the time. Since My Hero had a lot of other things on his plate, I insisted that I try even after his warnings. I lasted about half the lawn which is a big improvement for both me and the lawn. My Hero finished it up.

Second; and oh this one has to be the most exciting for me, we moved our cattle back to a hay field near the bush. The alfalfa and clover were not very high but you could only imagine the smiles that it brought to their faces. I walked most of the way with those cows following right behind. Calling their names and leading them to what they have been looking for since the drought.

After I watched those happy cows run into that field of green and My Hero noticed that there were fences smashed by fallen trees from a windstorm that meant work for both of us. We both knew we had a job to do. He headed to the house to get supplies to fix the fence. You know chainsaw and wire work. I avoid that stuff right now. We could say doctors’ orders.

Third; I headed into those trees that had been beckoning me for far too long.
Oh, the smell was the first thing that hit me that sweet smell of a renewed life.  This was something that that has been lacking for far too long during the drought. This made me smile. It was if Mother Nature had given this gift to me and me alone. I had not been back here since the early days of the drought. Her timing was wonderful. I was back to my almost normal self, and so was the earth on this farm.

I walked through the trees and as per my usual I hugged a few. I wrapped my arms around those massive big maples that have stood for centuries. I told them that I was so happy they had held on and made it through. We were going to make it through this unfortunate and nasty bump in the road together, no matter how long it took because that is what we do.

If you were wondering, My Hero did finish that fence. I did get a drive back from my tree reunion, and those cows were very excited, so much so that I have not seen them since. There will be more healing to do for all of us, but it is indeed all heading in the right direction. May the sharing of a hat and love continue.