Monday, January 16, 2017

Creek of diamonds

The common phrase “building a personality” is a misnomer.
Personality is not so much like a structure as like a river, it continuously flows,
and to be a person is to be engaged in a perpetual process of becoming.
                                            Harry Emerson Fosdick

The slippery thick ice on the laneway led to a creek. The world was engulfed in a fog that hid everything from the view of a farm girl who passed by in her tractor on her way to work.

The cold water rushed through the culvert, and below the heavily gravelled and travelled lane above. It then ran to the hayfield and back into the earth to disappear.

The water had to pass by the pump house that had stood on the farm long before the farm girl dressed in pink boots had come to live. The cold water had to maneuver around the rocks placed there by a man who loved to make his farm girl happy. He knew that nature’s natural beauty always made her smile, and the rocks, the earth and the sound of water, soothed her soul.

Two days later, the farm girl walked through the frigid cold fast running water that ran past the pump house. She splashed and she played in the water much like the little girl long ago that always found it very difficult to pass any creek or puddle. Some things never change, she thought.

She splashed, and played on her way till she reached the downed cedar rail fence that her cows stepped easily over in the summer, just to get a cool drink. She sat. The frigid cold water rushed inches from her bottom while she sat on that downed rail, and played with her camera and admired the world she lived and loved. The water splashed and laughed as it made its way down the creek lined with diamonds.

Where once ice and fog had covered and hid, the sun had chased it away, to let the water rush through and those diamonds form. The sun bounced off the diamonds under the ice, always indescribable. The farm girl loved the diamonds that nature had shared with her, even though she knew they could never last forever.

The farm girl could never imagine a better piece of land. Never, imagine a land that could suit her personality so well, with its one of a kind natural beauty, its unmatched artistry and of course its very own personality.