Saturday, October 14, 2017

The things I need to do.

In youth the days are short and the years are long;
in old age the years are short and the days long.

Please forgive my absence. It has been awhile since I posted but I have a good reason.

Lately, I have been focused on my life and the changes that come with aging. A big part of that thinking has been about my mobility. I want to enjoy my good health and to never fixate on what lies ahead. To do what I think I need to do, at the time and to not worry too much, about the thoughts that others may have about my actions. After all, I still have the confidence to do it and am surely old enough and experienced enough to trust how to handle things.

This new outlook had me take advantage of an opportunity that presented itself. A car ride that was pointed in the general direction of the city I wanted to be had me jump on board. This was a spur of the moment idea. In exchange for a jar of delicious Pear Jam I hitched a ride in the right direction. I did not think about the logistics or how it would work out. I just had to trust that it would and I would get to where I wanted to be.

 As my wise brother always points out, “It’s an adventure.”
He should know all about crazy adventures. His life continues to be one long adventure. I admire that, even though it makes me a bit nervous still when I watch him do it. I guess that is what some think when I do these things now. I admire my brother and his believing that nothing is impossible and his “what do I have to lose” attitude.

As I was saying I hitched a ride (not with strangers if you were wondering). That would be a way to big of an adventure for me. It was about 1:15 when we left the farm. We waved goodbye to My Hero and off we headed in the general direction in which I wanted to end up.

This adventure would usually have been an easy train ride to Union Station. I was willing to see where this would take me and not to mention it would save me money. It could also be a valuable learning tool which I may need later in my many travels. To navigate from way outside the city of Toronto to Union Station alone and then to my intended destination would certainly come in handy. I had no doubt about my being able to figure it out. OK, possibly a little doubt.

Well, my ride ended two concessions from the nearest subway called Finch Station. I could have taken a bus but my gracious Pear Jam receiver offered me a ride, I jumped on it. I was not sure where I was but did know this north on Yonge Street subway station only headed one way and that was straight south to Toronto Ontario. I was dropped off at the ‘kiss and ride’ (made me laugh) I waved goodbye and headed down underground.

Well, that was one very busy station and I had to figure out how to purchase a subway token. I asked one person but she, unfortunately, did not speak any English. I asked a young man with headphones on, he pointed farther down the stairs.  It was like a mini city down there and music from a busker echoed through the tunnels. I stopped to get a chocolate bar at a store and got a token from the machine. There were two trains sitting there. Since I knew both went in the same direction I dropped my token in the box and pushed through the turnstile.  My suitcase and I rolled on and I plunked down on the seat.

I sat and I sat. People kept getting on. An announcement came over the intercom and then the doors closed and then off we went. This was one of the new subway trains so I felt quite comfortable. The grinding wheels of metal on metal had me plug my ears. 

I noticed the signs and figured that since it was the end of a weekend everyone was exhausted.I almost drifted off myself.  We were underground then back into the light over and over. I have no idea how long this train took but when Union Station was announced I stood up and walked to the doors. It opened and I hopped out with my suitcase full of jam.

I made my way up to the street, where I met with someone special. Then, Pear Jam was pulled out of a suitcase in a busy restaurant. Then, another hike and a hug goodbye and then two more bus rides. I walked in a door and received another big hug. I had made it to my destination just before nine. I lay my head down on a familiar pillow.

The words “ Shhh, Gramma sleeping” woke me at daybreak.

Now, you get it.