Friday, May 26, 2017


A mystery is something of which we know that it is,
though we do not know how it is.
                           Joseph Cook

Living in the country has many perks. There is so much beauty that surrounds me every day. The thing that I have to admit gives me the most pleasure are those shows put on by the wildlife. Most days it would be only a small production but some days I luck out and it turns into a huge production of talent and viewing pleasure.

Most days when I drive down the lane in my tractor there is a red squirrel that tries to race me. I know that sounds strange, doesn’t it? It is true. The strangest thing would be that most times he/she will win. Four tiny little legs hop and jump and race over the cedar rails and wire holding it with I assume little horsepower.

You know horsepower is not only about real horses’ right? It is how they measure the speed and power of a multitude of vehicles. So, in saying that I would have to think this little red squirrel would have none. I think you can see where I am going with this right?

My tractor which I refer to as Little Red apparently has many horsepowers under the hood. If I was technical at all I would tell you how many. Since My Hero is not here to fill me in I am going to guess if only for the reason to make this story have a point. 100 horsepower motor. I know I am going to hear from those in the know but whatever I am not going to pretend that I know.

My point being is that the no horsepower cute little red squirrel racing on rails hopping over obstacles like prickly ash bushes and cedars, VERSUS 100 horsepower Little Red with no obstacles in the way. How is it possible that this little squirrel could beat me at all?  I guess I will never know.

Two days ago there was a huge raccoon in our front lawn. It was just wandering around checking out the long grass which needed to be cut. My first thought was if it was heading to the barn. We are not fans of coons in the barn as they tend to make a big mess. A few years ago we placed a radio in there and after some experimentation figured out that they absolutely hate Rock and Roll. Problem solved they have not been back in there. Could this new coon, have been a Rock and Roll fan?

 The next morning it was not in the barn as far as I could tell. My neighbour told me there is a coon’s nest full of babies in a tree across the road. I have a feeling that this had been their Mom and was shopping for food. I really have no idea how you can raise a family in a tree but I guess it is better than loud Rock and Roll.

Now, that same afternoon the coon was on my front lawn a wild turkey hen was strutting around the back yard. I do know there are lots of turkeys right now. One of them is nesting right beside the road under a black walnut tree. This makes me nervous for her and the eggs but there is nothing I can do. Nature takes care of her own most times. I learned long ago to not mess with nature.

I had hoped this was not that same turkey hen. She was quite content to pull the worms out of the semi-wet ground. I stood at the window with my camera and she looked at me with wonder. I know she knew I was watching. She probably sensed that I was not going to hurt her and felt comfortable.

Traffic started to bounce down our potholed dusty road as everyone was on their way home from their day jobs. One particular loud bang had me look out the front window. The coon was gone. It was a large truck that must have hit a pothole dead on. BANG and then again BANG.

When I went back to the back window the turkey hen was gone. Did she hop the fence or run across the raod and back to her eggs on the side of the road under the black walnut tree. I guess I will never know.

I have always liked mysteries and the wildlife around here keeps me entertained.

Surrounded by beauty and mystery; what could be better than that?