Friday, December 9, 2016

Sun Tracking

Fairest of all the lights above,
Thou sun, whose beams adorn the spheres,
And with unwearied swiftness move,
To form the circles of our years.
                           Isaac Watts

Sometimes I wonder if the sun follows me or possibly I tend to follow the sun. None-the-less we spend an enormous amount of time with each other. I am a big fan of the sun and I do want to believe she may be a big fan of me. I know that sounds a bit presumptuous but it is what it is and that had been my observation at least through November.

Every morning in November it seemed that the sun was following me. No matter where I went, it was there looking over my shoulder. It would greet me most mornings as I watched the cows in the field. Draped in fog those cows would munch on the hay or lick the salt block seemingly oblivious to the beauty that crept over the horizon and peeked through the fog to brighten my day. Is it possible that they were just too busy to notice? Or, were they so used to seeing it that they did not get as excited anymore?

When I drove down the road to head to town, the horses in the field did not seem to notice it either. My theory was beginning to look like a truth. The sun was my gift to be noticed and not for everyone.

When I did get to town to join my “Pole Walking Gang” she (the sun) was there waiting. My theory about the whole “Just for me” theory started to waver a bit here with every step we walked around the track at the fairgrounds. Others that walked with me were also commenting on the sun and its ability to make everything beautiful. Could the sun be only there for those who looked for it? Was it noticed by those who needed to see it at the time?

The leaves still clung to the trees back in November and the sun chose to shine through and create a golden hue that pretty much every one of us out walking around that track noticed. Some of us had to stop and take it in. Yes, it seems the sun was not only following me but was following everyone.

The agricultural barn had let the sun into the Show Bird section and this girl had to capture its beauty. She (the sun) certainly did put on a show. This girl that follows the sun is certainly happy that the sun was not only following her but was being enjoyed by others because her overlooked beauty would have been a shame.

I really must talk to those cows and possibly those horses and get them to pay more attention to the sun. She is truly worth every glance.