Monday, April 21, 2014

Bossy2 and the Easter Gift!

It takes life to love Life.
           Edgar Lee Masters

It was early Sunday morning and there was a crisp breeze coming through the open window, the sun was up but I pulled the covers up over my shoulders and snuggled in for a few more minutes, it had been a long busy day yesterday and I really wanted to relax before another busy day. I realized it was Easter Sunday so I threw back the covers and ran to the kitchen to see My Hero standing at the window with binoculars.

What’s going on, I asked. "Bossy2 is off by herself she must be going to have her calf today", oh how wonderful that would be I thought to myself, an Easter morning gift from my favourite girl. I walked over to the counter put on a pot of coffee and started making a breakfast fit for an Easter morning, which was tradition. There were no hidden Easter eggs or chocolate bunnies or sleepy eyed little girls hopping out of bed this early morning, the house was quiet. 
Even though there were only the two of us this morning I still wanted to start the day off right. I scrambled eggs, chopped veggies and lathered butter on hot cross buns and poured the coffee while My Hero kept a close watch on the mother-to-be with those binoculars. I in turn watched two amazingly plump deer walk across the field at the front of the house, amazed that they looked so plumb after the winter that never seemed to end. Turning back to the table I said, come and sit she will be fine.

Watching the sun rising quickly and Bluebirds and Tree swallows compete for the birdhouses that lined the fence line, we knew it was going to be a glorious day. The conversation revolved around the fact that we were missing our girls and reminiscing about those Easter mornings long ago, and then the conversation steered back to Bossy2 and what had to be accomplished this week. With calving getting nearer to the end we will have some time before haying and those wedding preparations, we both laughed and knew this was going to keep us rather busy and it may be a little challenging but would be fun. With breakfast now finished My Hero headed out to feed the cows and check on Bossy2.

Clearing the table and wondering if I should do the dishes or just leave them I picked up the binoculars to see if I could see Bossy2. I saw that My Hero was now parked and was walking around the rest of the girls checking to see what was going on but I could see Bossy2 and a little head bobbing at her front feet and she was licking something red, I immediately put the binoculars down, grabbed my camera and ran to the basement. Slipping on my coveralls, Pink Cadillacs and a hat I grabbed the keys to the Jeep and raced out the door so excited, I could not wait to see our Easter morning gift. Once I opened the gate, I flew down the lane with the dust flying behind, there was a traffic jam on the lane as per usual, OK around here that means three of the Mom’s with their new calves stood there and would not move so I parked and ran the rest of the way back.

As soon as I made it to Bossy2 I stood and watched the new tiny body of life squirming on the ground and mist from its body heat float into the air while Bossy2 went to work cleaning her up. Bossy2 hummed a song letting her newborn know she was the Mom and she was indeed safe, that soft soothing constant mooing and the licking off of bodily goop is the bonding process which is a lovely thing to watch and has always soothed my soul as well.

The new little girl was trying to stand while Bossy 2 licked her ears, her tail and cleaned her up quickly; neither paid any mind to me. I pictured a nice hat on Bossy2 and a new baby hat for ???? I will have to think about that name. I left them in peace so they could enjoy those first all important moments. As I walked away My Hero shouted from far back in the middle of the bush, I could barely hear him, “Do you hear the turkeys?” My ears perked up and I listened, oh yes I did, the sound echoed through the bush that stood between Bossy2 licking her new calf  and My Hero who was probably smiling, the sound I have been longing to hear, my Taunting Turkeys once again were back where they belonged. They were celebrating spring with their gobbling laughter and possibly welcoming Bossy2’s bundle of joy. I am happy.

Thank you Bossy2 for the wonderful gift of life on that beautiful but crisp sunny Easter morning, it was a gift we will not soon forget. My thoughts went back to the empty house with the sink full of dishes and wished our girls could have been here to see that, they would have loved it.

Later in the afternoon I went back to see how Bossy2 was doing and if the new calf was eating. The now dry calf was eating and then I noticed another cow in the birthing mode, her little heifer (girl) is doing just fine. Two calves on Easter Sunday imagine that.

With #22 now born there are only eight more to go and then I think I may be able to slow down a bit for a while.