Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Waiting For Dawn!

            I said to Dawn: Be sudden—To Eve: Be soon.

                             Francis Thompson

It is 6:20 in the morning and it is pitch black out. The days are much shorter now and I still have so much to do. I wait for Dawn as  to jump into my day and get it done before it is again snatched away.
 I have a garden full of produce still to deal with. The tomatoes are still green but I guess I was still hoping for enough sun to turn them. I have hundreds of Tiny Tim tomatoes, I think I will pull them up and hang them to see if they will ripen. I guess I can always try to make some kind of pickle. I will carefully pick and wrap the bigger tomatoes and place in the basement. I have done this before with great results. It is nice to have ripe tomatoes when the snow flies.
 The potatoes are out; the carrots are still in, the leeks are patiently waiting but no hurry there. The pumpkins and squash have had their first frost I must get them in. There is a bushel of wild apples on the front step waiting to become applesauce.
 The cows are getting hay now, we left them on pasture as long as we could; they still search for the grass that will soon be covered with snow. The ponds are very low so we are hoping for a big rain to fill them before the winter. The cows will be having more calves very soon. I have not seen a coyote for a while now I do hope that they are gone.
 There is not enough time in the day now, my head is spinning. Why did I procrastinate?
 I see the sky to the west start to turn pink, the multiple formations of clouds keeping the sun at bay. I grab a coat and run out to see this dawn enter my busy world.
 I wait, and I wait, anticipation growing by the minute. It is 7:40 there she is. She shines down on the cows in the field eating the hay. The pump house casting a shadow on this girl waiting to start her day. This was so worth the wait.

  Now, off to work. I can’t wait till sunset.



  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful dawn with us!

  2. Love your description of the dawn...sounds like you have plenty of things waiting to fill your day. It never ends, eh? :)

  3. Your words painted a picture in my mind, I can 'see' you waiting for the day...

  4. I agree so much to do and so little time......



  6. I wish I were there to help with the harvest! Your bounty sounds sooo wonderful.

  7. so true indeed. hope the work day was a good one

  8. thanks for sharing the start of your day! good luck with all the produce!

  9. I haven't had very many red ripe tomatoes but NOW the plants are covered in green tomatoes - first sign of a frost and I'm pulling them ALL and making Chow Chow. I have a wonderful recipe that uses green tomatoes.

  10. Anticipation: and tomorrow we may not be together...Carly Simon...get done what you can today and wait for tomorrow...
    ~~Sending You Good Vibrations~~
    Carly Simon is Video Feature on my blog today...

  11. wow, this post makes me feel plum lazy!

  12. Procrastination is the thief of time, someone once said. They were right.

  13. You sound very busy indeed and the days are getting shorter for sure. What a treasure trove your garden must be!

  14. Lovely :)to read what you see through your eyes...
    Your days you said are getting shorter, ours are getting longer and warmer :)

  15. Just beautiful!! So glad you waited and enjoyed:0)

  16. Buttons...did you know that you don't need the sun to ripen tomotoes? If you pick them and just lay them where they get light..they will ripen off the vine. Don't feel guilty..there's always a reason for procrastination...even if it's only because you 'just didn't feel like it'. Maa

  17. Beautifully written. Do you ever make fried green tomatoes? They are delish.

  18. The gloves are so funny! Even though this is my second pass, I was still startled, thought they were hands...


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