Monday, September 27, 2010

Aaaahhhhh Sunday's (I spoke to soon)!

 Heaven was blessed with perfect rest but
the blessing of earth is toil.
                        Henry Vandyke

 Looking forward to our Sunday I get up and have a nice breakfast with my hero, With anticipation of a relaxing day ahead.
 I go get a load of hay for the cows while my hero wants to fix a couple of panels of fence that needs to be fixed. This will not take long.
 The thing about fences is, as every farmer knows, fix one or two panels and the rest look so bad you keep going. Five hours and 20 panels later.Yes I said 5 hours, so much for the relaxing day..
 There was a time my hero and I would do fence for hours and enjoy it, we were like a well oiled machine.These days being older and the fibro have changed this.
 These days my hero does most by himself. I am a very willing spectator sitting on the bench.Memories of high school basketball skip through my head, I was four foot ten inches ,well you get the picture.Jumping in when needed and helping when I can. Passing rails, picking up rails helping with binding ( a two person job).Oh yes and getting lunch . A very important job.You need arm strength to do fence.

A true work of art.

 Not all is lost it was a beautiful fall day, the sun was shining, I got to spend the day with my hero.Watching his master fence building skills is like watching an artist with his canvas.It and he are beautiful.
 Well I am off to run errands today and I will as always bring my camera just in case.You never know what life will throw at you.


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