Sunday, September 19, 2010

AAAAhhhhhhhh Sunday's

" He that can take rest is greater than he that can take cities" Franklin

I have always enjoyed Sunday's. A day where I tend to take things easier and let my hero take care of the business as they say.
Always time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast together and relay our thoughts of the day and life in general. Discussing what to do during the week, the adventures of past week, our family and just about anything. I love this time.
In life we are always so busy running, planning and the rat race as someone called it we forget why we are here.
Life is about lessons learned, family, friends,helping others and basically making this world a better place where all can live in peace and harmony(cheesy but only line I can think of).
If everyone took just a few minutes everyday to do something as simple as a smile or a hello to a stranger we would be happier ourselves.
I am getting off of topic, Sunday's. My hero and I try to get everything that really has to be done completed by Sunday.We shut the curtains in our living room and just watch a movie , it is kind of like a date but much cheaper. This is our time.
I know you are thinking why not get outside or go somewhere but we run all week and this is just what we need. A chance to take your mind, for a couple of hours, off life. A good laugh or a thought provoking mystery will do the trick.
A nice Sunday dinner together or with family and that is all we both need to handle whatever the week will bring.
Phone calls to family, emails to friends round out this special day. I will be up Monday morning making my coffee and looking out that darn window, knowing I spent time with my hero and nothing makes me happier.


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  1. Sometimes the best times are when you are relaxing with your loved one/s, it beats going out, to the movies, shopping, even catching up with family. My best times are when I am at home relaxing too just like you


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