Wednesday, September 22, 2010


"He started to sing as he tackled the thing
         That couldn't be done,and he did it."    Edgar A. Guest

 A early morning my fibro is not settling down so I get up to put heat bag on. I am so glad of this as I witnessed the most beautiful thing. Mother nature with all her glory produced the most wonderful light show I have ever seen. The thunder roared the multiple lighting strikes lit up the sky. There is a reason for everything and this rough night showed me the beauty in it.
  Yesterday I am so happy I accomplished my goal of making the jelly and finishing  the quilt. It was a long day but worth it.
 The  quilt will keep a special 7 year old girl warmer for the winter. Happy Birthday.

Thank you Mother Nature
The jelly took most of the day and I had a few tense moments as the second batch boiled all over the stove and floor. Fun Fun. I am very pleased to see the results .

 Just looking at my finished projects make me think about what is important. Sure I sit up at night in pain but if I had not  woke up and looked out that darn window in the middle of the night I would have missed all that beauty.
 If I had just thought the projects were to much and given up I would never had got them done. I think the best way to over come something is just not say that you can't do it and know you can.It may take longer but it is worth the effort.
  I am off to spend the day with my Mother and we always have a good laugh, she has always  kept going no matter what has been thrown at her. I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree. Thanks Mom and Dad.



  1. Thankyou for the home-made grape jelly. It is absolutely delicious! And just the thoughtfulness behind it meant the world. It's so nice to know you're always there when I need a true friend. Thankyou!
    Keep on it!

  2. I tried to get back to your first post but I am still finding it and in the process I have come across why you sound so sad in your writing and this post has explained a little to me. Your story deserves to be a book, you write so well.
    Back to reading your story


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