Friday, September 24, 2010

Contemplation !

The mind grows by what it feeds on.  J.G. Holland

 As I look out the window gazing at the deer teasing the cows .Eating the green grass they would like to be in. I contemplate what my life is going to be like.
 After yet another sleepless night and  the discomfort of the fibro, it has been three sleepless nights in a row. I think about the winter and the cold coming, fibro does not like the cold and it is always a struggle.
 My life has took a very different path then I planned and I will just have to deal with it.There are a lot of people dealing with a lot worse. Just knowing that the pain will be permanent makes me take pause and rethink what is truly important in my life.
 I have amazing friends and a close family so I am truly blessed.My thoughts of this keep me going knowing if I have a rough night or day they are just a phone call away.
 Ok no more whining this fibro will not win.
 I am truly enjoying this blog I find myself writing in the strangest places like parked on the side of the road while I am out driving, taking in the beauty of our changing colours.(more to come on that ). I have a reason to get up and think about what I can write about. I find myself carrying my camera watching for a great pic.
 My brother really has impressive ideas about how to fill my time. Thanks Bro. He knows me very well.
 Today I head off up north to deliver the quilt to that special little girl.I look forward to this drive as I will have a chance to take some great pics of the changing leaves.It is the most beautiful time of the year. I will also get to sit on the big glacier rock they are lucky enough to have right beside there house. It is a great rock surrounded by those very colourful trees. It is a magnificent place I will get a pic for you and post next post.It is quiet and  just maybe I will think of something interesting to tell you about on my next post.
Wish I could sleep this rambling is so boring lucky you get to read it.Maybe tonight.


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  1. I hope you're not writing while driving on the side of the road - that could be dangerous! LOL!

    I have to take you to some of the places I've discovered. It's so beautiful because it's not that populated yet, (although it is slowly becoming known).


The mind grows by what it feeds on. J.G. Holland

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