Tuesday, September 14, 2010


"Trouble like babies, grow larger by nursing". Lady Holland

Tues 6:30: "Not again" here I go to get more bales of hay to stop rest of cows from seeing Sandy (I think). No coffee again, I really have to stop looking out that window.

7:30 Mystery solved.
It seems our sweet lovely Sandy is a jumper.A jumper in my experience is a cow you will NEVER keep in. No matter how high or maintained your fence is , that will not stop them. They will sail over that fence just like the deer.
Now that Sandy has figured out she is a high jumper decisions will have to be made. All would be fine if the other cows did not get so jealous of her in the greener pastures. They ultimately will join her and it is very hard to contain 80 head.
Located so close to a very expensive golf course, and a major highway the decision is easy. Well not easy but will have to be done.
Sandy will be shipped off the farm in the fall.
This breaks my heart but it is a part of the business. She may be more contented on another farm. She is a liability here.
She will be sold as a springer which is a cow in calf, she will have her calf in the winter.This means whom ever buys her will keep her so she will not be going for meat.Making my decision just a tiny bit easier.
This is part of this life that I have to accept.I find that as I get older this bothers me more. It truly needs to be done I will not be able to do this everyday. A sad day.


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