Monday, September 13, 2010

Disappointment and coffee.

"Disappointment is the nurse of wisdom" Sir Boyle Roche.

Monday morning 6:30 look out my front window while making the coffee, I see a coyote in the morning dew. I am wondering if the neighbours have all their chickens.
 Now at the back window there is a cow in the same wrong field. "Let the games begin".
At least it is not Ernest the bull. I rush out to fix the problem.

 Say it ain't so, Sandy my good mother is the culprit. I checked the same fence where she had escaped from yesterday, I have no idea  how she escaped.
OK guys this plan is working. MMMMMMMMM
   Thinking ahead I get 2 more bales of the sweet clover and drive down to the other cows trying to join Sandy. I drop  the bales to the ground but leave them on the tractor. I just want them to get a good taste, and the smell.
  I think that should work so off I go slowly driving the bales to the field behind the house (where I can keep an eye on them). This proves to be remarkably easy, they sure like this hay. This may cause problems later when we run out of it but I cannot call My Hero home from work again.
  That being done. I focus on getting Sandy back. She has a calf so she will eventually want to join him.
  I am so disappointed in Sandy, she has always been a good cow and never gave me even a little bit of trouble. I bet Ernest put her up to it. He likes to wreck havoc on my mornings. Oh well back to the task at hand.
  Same field, same plan as yesterday,  but alone this time. Now that the other cows are in field parallel to this field and way up front near the house, my plan is to chase her up to barnyard then let into said field.
 Did I say chase, good thing following Dr. orders I stayed off of my bad foot for a few hours on Sunday.
  Well as expected my plan does not work surprise. Change of plans, I opened up the gate and patiently sit in the tractor waiting for Sandy to miss her calf and wander to the barnyard herself. I could really use that coffee now. Waiting, waiting.
  There she goes, run, run, shut the gate, open other gate and she runs through, with  a nice story to tell her  friends.  Done !
   I am so nervous now I bring a load of hay up near house hoping to keep them there I am getting tired of this.
   Finally back at the house to have that coffee it is 8:30. I have a busy day today but I do not know what will be accomplished. I never know.
   Remind me to have my coffee and then look out the window.



  1. "I bet Ernest put her up to it." LOL - that Ernest seems to be a troublemaker!

    I like the pics; they are an added touch to the story.

  2. You are doing an excellent job there...:)
    From Margaret.


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