Thursday, September 9, 2010


"Whatever you do, do cautiously, and look to the end" Gesta Romanorum

 Today I would like to comment on  Facebook. Love it or hate it this is my take on it.
 Before I start I want to point out I do not have a  Facebook account. I do have a Blog, and a virtual pen pal but that is it. So my opinion may be jaded.
  I was with some friends yesterday and they said " Do you know why so and so is so angry" and "Who is her anger directed to?"    "What ?How do you know this stuff " " It is on Facebook"
  You have to be kidding me someone actually trashed someone they love on a social network, for everyone to see. I am sorry but it is really hard to take back a "slip of tongue" as my Gramma used to say, on a site where all your 500 "friends" can read it. Feelings will be hurt,  your  status as a human being with caring  and loving  thoughts, will be altered forever. You will not be able to retrieve those words from all who have looked at your page.
  Yes I know you can delete "from your wall"  after  you changed your mind, and your family member says they love you, and forgive you: But for every person that had a chance to see it, they will not forget, and  will tell everyone else that wants to listen. This could have  life altering consequences. There is nothing good about trashing someone. My Mother says "The chicken always comes home to roost". My take on that saying is "What you say or do will always come back to you  good or bad," I guess like Karma.  You may see your name on there next time, and it will hurt you so deeply  you will never forget or forgive. Even when you think "All is forgiven"  reality is words never are forgotten, by most people. People by nature pretend all is forgiven, and we have gotten over it  but, I seriously doubt that.
  Facebook makes this "Airing your dirty laundry" so easy we forget that times, and people change but , words said never can be retrieved.
  You may have had a terrible fight or disagreement with someone but come on. Do we really need to hear it?
  Facebook has many advantages, I know you all can tell me about them ,but it can have devastating effects on people we love, and for that matter, people we do not even know.
  What happened to the days, of  phoning someone and telling them about the party,baby shower, engagement, birth or death of someone. Post it on Facebook "You have to be kidding me" I hear more news from around my little part of the world, and my family, from someone living hundreds of miles away, as they have learned it on Facebook. "Am I the only one that thinks this is very weird.
  I guess I am doomed to a life of not knowing what is going on. I will not be getting a Facebook account. So if anyone out there has anything to say to me, PLEASE email me, or pick up the phone.
  Well this is my take on Facebook love it or hate it.


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