Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Genius" You bid is a local online auction.

                 Two  posts in one day:   I was inspired.

I can resist everything except temptation” Wilde

 Imagine going to a auction from the comfort of your own home. No rain. Heat, snow, mud etc etc
  We discovered this phenomenon during a life changing time of one of our neighbours; they had to go to a retirement home.  Which in our society today is an unfortunate fact of life.
  It works like this. The company comes into your home sorts, catalogues, and lists all your things on the Internet. At this point a customer can see everything that is for sale. There is a viewing day so you can see before you bid (a very good idea) but not necessary if you are adventurous.
  After the viewing the bidding really starts to accelerate, as people know what they are bidding on. After a few tense hours the bidding closes.  If your bid is successful you will be notified to pick up your items at the said address and everything will be charged to your credit card.
   All done now you just go pick up at specified time and now “ You are hooked”.
  I have met very nice, very  interesting and very intense people at the viewing and at the pickup. Antique  Dealers, senior’s, young couples and the curious, also friends and family.
  The genius of this concept is there is a huge untapped market out there and kudos to the person who thought of this.
  The reasons being; our aging population, and the laziness of people make these auctions very accessible. The curiosity of human beings to see how other people live and the stuff they have.
  Once they see their stuff they will buy something for whatever reason logical or not.
  Programs like Antique Road Show are fueling this phenomenon.
  I am sure we have all seen the person that bought an ugly item or a work of art for a few dollars to find it is worth thousands. (I always feel sorry for the poor person that sold it) They should have a show about those people. My point being; who would not want to be that lucky person? It would be like winning the lottery.
  Beware it is addicting, I find myself constantly checking the site looking for the next one near me.
  We have been to 3 and bought stuff I truly needed (household) and stuff I truly did not. It honestly turns into a sport maybe like gambling. Just kidding.
    Make sure if you are going to bid on a big ticket item to check with family as they may bid on the same thing and you are pushing their bid up it will be a little awkward when you show up to pick item up and realize this. Oh well "all is fair in love and war"
   I would like to thank the makers of You bid  for making my sometimes boring, busy life more interesting.
  Winter is coming this could be fun. Off to pick up some tools ‘my hero’ just bought.