Friday, September 17, 2010

Goodbyes are never easy!

" It is not for man to rest in absolute contentment" Southey

Goodbyes are never easy,be it the first day of school putting your child on the bus for the very first time.Terrified and wondering if she and you were ready for this. Always knowing it would be a long day and they would return soon.
The first time you drive her off to university or college, knowing this was going to be much harder. She will not be back for awhile. Hoping you have taught her enough about dealing with life and it's challenges.
The first time you realize they have a life they have to get back to after a short visit.Not knowing how long before the next one. Knowing you had raised a very capable, caring young adult.
The hardest goodbye is that to your dying parent,knowing there would not be another. No more hugs, conversations and encouragement. This is extremely hard.
Harder still is knowing someday your own child, that you had said all those goodbyes and given all those hugs will have to go through this same thing in time and say their final goodbye.
Enjoy what you have and stop obsessing on things you do not.


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  1. As the title of this song "Until We are together again". No matter on earth or in heaven..we will recieve their hug again.


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