Friday, September 10, 2010

The grass is greener on the other side.

“To fill the hour ---- that is happiness. Ralph W. Emerson

 It started out as a typical Thursday morning .I woke up at 5 a.m. and went to put a warm bag on my chest (this always seems to help) Since I am up as may as well work on my blog, maybe I can lay down and get some more sleep later.
  I finished the blog , read the newspapers and was just going to lie  down for just a little while. I looked out the back kitchen window,    “ that is not right”. Binoculars in hand I look in the backfield where I had noticed a very big white spot in a very green field. “Oh Ernest” our very large Blonde bull with Bully (younger Hereford bull) and about 10 of their girlfriends. It appears Ernest, and Bully had a party last night and crashed through the gate. “The grass is always greener on the other side” seems to be true.
  Off I go after a quick phone call to W to let him know what is going on, it is always nice to hear news like this during a very stressful day at the office.
  First I have to get boots on ouch, mission accomplished over very swollen foot, unhook the baler from the tractor and race to the back.
  “ It is worse then I thought” more cows come crashing through to join the party, now there is 20. On a high note there was still 65 on the right side of the fence but trying very hard to join in. I pick up 2 round bales and set them in front of the hole in fence just to stop the flow. Done now that will keep them for a bit but they can literally eat their way thru,. I must hurry.
  I race up the lane to find something, high and wide and strong to put in the hole. Thank goodness for our ever-growing scrap pile (our kids inheritance). Picking up something weird looking long, high section of gating. I have no idea of its use but it will work.
  Back at the hole I drop this thing in front of the bales and stabilize it then throw a downed tree on top for insurance. In farming that is called cobbling.  I put two bales in front and it seems to be strong and will hold. I am very proud of myself for the moment; I remember I have to get the other cows back to the right side of the fence.
   Have you ever tried to pull hungry teenagers off of a big buffet table? This will be fun.
   Running around trying to get them in thinking “maybe if I chase them to one side maybe, “with the tractor”, I can chase them to the barnyard” Looks like less then a mile. Not a good plan but only one I could think of.
  Another breakaway, this was not going well.
  I sit in the field ready to give up and up drives our black truck “My hero”
  Lots of running, running, screaming, screaming, crying (that was me) through the gate they go. Thank Goodness. Not bad. Seemed like hours but it was done.
  Back to work for poor W. Now I had to distract them from my very strange fence. 5 bales of sweet clover mix   will do the trick. Yeah Done!!  We will deal with the fence later tonight.
  Finally I can go to house and have breakfast and try to get my boot off. “Surely this day is half over”
  In my kitchen I look up at the clock 10:30 “you have to be kidding me”.

 Stay tuned..

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