Monday, September 6, 2010

Life as I know it.

“Well begun is half done." 

 At the suggestion of my brother, I start this online blog. My head is always full of good thoughts, or bad, happy or sad, depending on what day of the week it is. I spend lots of time thinking as I have Fibromyalgia and do not sleep very well. Working with this disease has some challenges and I will touch on that.
   Let me start by saying, I am a full time farmer, that in itself makes my life very eventful. Being a woman in this business is so very different than what a man would project. My thoughts and style of farming are very different.
  I run the farm with my husband who is a full time construction worker. He works long hours, so the week day farming workload falls to me. He does most of the weekend work except at haying time, and calving time, our busy season. This keeps his night’s busy, coming home eating, and then rushing out to farm. We work very well together. He knows I can handle most things on my own and trusts my judgment.
  We run a cow calf beef farm, we do not use hormones, and they are not grain fed. They are grass fed and require little. They are happy to wander our farm, and live life as intended.
   We feed them hay outside all winter, and all they require is lots of hay, shelter, and bedding. We are lucky enough to have a large cedar bush so this is very easy.  It makes a great windbreak in the winter, and shade and bug repellent in the summer. Combined with an abundance of water and we have very happy cows.
   My city brother came to visit and commented on how the cows look like they live in a cattle spa. We try to make them very comfortable.
   This blog will be mostly about my busy farming lifestyle and juggling an aging parent, who lives on her own, two children that live on their own, a HUGE family of siblings, and life in the country.
  I will try to keep you interested with my thoughts of the day, and in general the life of a very busy girl living, working and dealing with country life.
  Talk to you later.

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  1. Thanks for checking out my blog,we do have lots in common.
    As I'm sure you know I to farm full time, as a women I also share this adventure and challenge.
    My husband works in construction as well and farms evenings and weekends.
    I will be back to do more reading...


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