Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My time is near!

Now I am about to take my last voyage,
A great leap in the dark.   Thomas Hobbes

  As I sit a top this hill overlooking a very busy highway. I am nothing but a shell. My life has been taken from me.
 Progress and  economy have made me obsolete.
 I watch people everyday driving by heading for their homes in the city.
  During the time  when I was built  I was a young farmers hope. I sustained  that family as well as  many more  life was good .Hard but good. There was so much activity. I was loved.
 Cows to be milked, fed and cared for. Haying season was always very busy. Harvesting the grain, I was the center of this all. Always being maintained  as I was needed.

 This all changed when the jobs dried up, the land dried up and the people were discouraged. They had to run to the cities for the jobs, just to keep their  families fed and housed.
 People fled to the cities and found these  jobs all the time thinking "I will be back", but they never came.
 It was Ok for awhile I survived , lots of hopeful people passed through my doors over time.
 Everyone tried to make it work but  with our food coming from big box stores and not the local markets I was not viable.
 I am one of many. Alas we say goodbye.

 Support your local farmer so we can stop this destruction.



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  1. I wholeheartedly agree! It's heartbreaking when I see fields paved over, or barns in such disrepair that they're falling down. It makes me wonder about the future of our society, and the unsustainable lives that we tend to lead.


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