Saturday, September 11, 2010

"The pain of the mind is worse then the pain of the body" Balzac

     Fri morning , in  the hospital ,writing these thoughts on my new Sudoku  blank page." My foot finally won". On the advice of many I went to get an  x-ray. I can hardly walk after the adventure yesterday with "Ernest".
  I went into local hospital at 12:30 worked on my Sudoku (a smart friend gave me),( by the way thank you  I get it: fun) to pass the time expecting a long wait. It is now 1:45 have had x- ray just waiting for results.Hoping all is well, I have one more field of hay to bale and company coming tomorrow.
  The company is coming from the big city of Toronto and  I usually at the very least clean my house. That has been proven to be a  fruitless job this week.
  I shall stop and pick up goodies on the way home.In my experience no one will notice your house with a big plate of cookies and  coffee on your neat little table.
  Still waiting!
  This morning my delinquent  cows were back at the same fence, being nervous and not wanting to chase them again I called them and fed them 3 more bales of that sweet hay. They will never eat the older stuff now they are spoiled. All is well.
  Good news it is only 2:00 and find out it is not broke just a very bad sprain Dr. orders stay off of it, put it up and ice. Piece of cake.
  I can do that between baling the hay and working around the house. Now off to buy those cookies.


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  1. LOL you are too funny, if only the doctor knew how you were resting it rofl


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