Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rain today!

Nature ,like man sometimes weeps for gladness."

Today I look out the window and see no cows running about where they are not supposed to. My hero fixed the fence and I have not had any adventures since.I am grateful for this.
It appears my hero had my day planned, and the fact that it is raining will workout very well, he showed up last night with a gigantic bag of wild grapes. It seems my hero likes my jelly.I washed and heated then put in a clean pillowcase and let hang in my kitchen overnight. I will start making the jelly soon but first I get to enjoy my coffee.
Rain is very important for us this time of year.The haying is done,it is all home and the pastures are very slim pic kin's. I have started feeding our cows daily and try to give them the older hay mixed with the sweet hay they tricked me out of earlier. This seems to keep them happy.
We have springs or ponds for them to drink from and the water is very low. We need the rain to fill these ponds before winter.With our cows being in the bush all winter they need a steady supply of water. If the ponds are low or dry it will be very difficult to accomplish this.
This has been a funny year, it has rained, mostly through the haying season,a bumper crop for all. Now that the fall is here the ground is very dry.
I heard on the radio today our International Plowing Match has started and to all who know this explains the rain. Many a rubber boots have been bought this time of year.Always fun I wish it was closer so we could go.
I will also try to finish a quilt for a very special girl today. I do hope I get that done. I love quilting in the rainy weather.
Well off to the kitchen for me to start my hero's jelly. I love the rain, a day in the house yeah.


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