Thursday, September 30, 2010

Remember the story?" The country mouse and the city mouse"

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. 

                George Moore.

My daughter wants me to write more about the farm.
As many young people move off their parent’s farm to the cities, they long for their childhood roots and memories.
They could not wait to leave the farm to explore their own lives. As any farm kid knows and or will eventually find out; There is going to be a time when you will be longing to be back if only for a while.
Their best friend Tasha and friends

 So this is for my daughters and all the others longing for their roots.

 My memories I am sure are different then M’s recollection. She was a child in a gigantic playground. With many things to explore, always something to do. Never boring. Spending time in the barn with Mom or Dad.
 Even in the middle of the harshest winter I would push her carriage to the barn through the deepest snow, putting her in a safe place in a corner. This was very exciting to her. Lots of laughter watching mom feed and milk the cows. She would clap her hands and giggle with glee.
 Every time I would worry if she were OK while  working hard to get done fast.
 As she got older she would help feed the cows, helping with new calves feeding chickens, and turkeys and gathering eggs.  She loved the work.
 A few years later her sister was born and things would change.  M was off to school.
 With M in school I decided to take over more of the machinery work, I would place a basket behind the seat of the tractor (don’t worry it has a cab) with K in it.   I would work the field.
 The motion and hum of the tractor rocking her to sleep. She loved this; she still loves to be in a moving  vehicle lol.
 In time K also helped with the chores and weekends were spent working. There was plenty of time for family fun when the work was done.
Something has been eating this one.
 On our regular walk through the woods as a family, we would start a puffball fight. For those of you that do not know this is a giant mushroom and sometimes could be very smelly. The object of the game was to throw them mostly at their father and avoid getting hit. It was great fun.
We would then pick a nice fresh one and take to house to fry it was delicious.
The old sap house
 As the girls enjoyed the farm so did their friends and their many cousins; always lots of children around. All the birthday parties revolved around seeing the cows, the new calves and for the boys the shiny new machinery. There was no worry about a theme as my girls lived a theme envied by many friends everyday and they knew it. They were blessed.
Beautiful this time of year
 A trip to the old sap house a walk to the woods, hunting in the old fossil pit, hours of fun for all to enjoy.
As they reached their teens life took a new turn again, their lives were very busy and priorities changed, they still loved the farm but interests and friends came first.
 M went off to University and it was hard on all, I would mail her photos of the farm I knew she missed it and we missed her. Then K left for College and we had to accept this and move on, we had to keep the farm going. Life does go on.Lots of photos emailed there also.
 The girls enjoyed their new lives and enjoyed coming home for visits whenever they could. They would walk the land and appreciate the beauty knowing it would always be waiting  for them.

Wheel window in barn.

New pens in barn.
Our secret thinking  place
 Nowadays they both come home to visit and to help out when they can. M would help her Dad build new pens in the barn and fix the old hen house. She would help build the fence and was proud to get her hands dirty.  Still in the city but weekends spent where she feels she needs to be. K comes home from the bustling city knowing she can relive the happy memories of her youth. It is a place to get away, it is home.

 The city took my girls but their hearts belong here on the farm.



  1. Sounds like some great memories!

    Had to laugh about the 'Delicious Puffball' though. Sara picked up one on a recent run and brought it home for dinner. Tried to make it into a stirfry, but it wasn't the most popular dinner that I can recall us having. Maybe your puffballs taste better than the Yarker ones;)

  2. favourite memory of your sap house is cross country skiing by it as a kid.


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