Sunday, September 12, 2010

Read me first! This blog should be dated Sept.8th. (Sleep is sweet.)

 This blog was moved for some unknown reason it should be read before "The Grass is Greener".

"Sleep is sweet to the labouring man"  John Bunyan

Yesterday was one of those busy days hence the title.Let me say that this is such a great quote.The meaning is simple, work hard sleep well. Even with the pain your body succumbs  to the physical exhaustion of the day.
   My morning started early, wild grapes growing on the side of the house "what a gift"  to waste would be silly. I pruned all the grapes off and  washed and put in a big pot. Next I made a batch of 9 jars of the sweetest Wild grape jelly I have had in a long time.
  What was a girl to do lots more juice left so make another batch.I look out the window and see the flag for mail is up "maybe it is something besides a bill" out I run.  Got the mail and not paying attention I fall in a pothole in our gravel road "OUCH". Hobble to the house  look at the juice for the jelly sitting on the stove darn. Start the next batch. Made 6 more jars mmmmm. "Oh my foot "  Time to cry later.
   Later is here and I am great pain at least my chest pain does not seem as bad (Fibromyalgia)  so I finally pull of my sock and take a look. "Oh my God" it is swollen and there is a big lump on the side."Maybe it is broke"  get medical book and take a look at it "I am definitely not a Doctor". Well I can wiggle my toes so I guess I am fine.
  Have some hay cut next door and there is very threatening rain clouds coming in fast. Phone ( husband )" W" and he says he will bale after work. Rain clouds get bigger so I have no choice I will have to go bale.
  I get changed and discover I cannot get my shoe on, so off I go with one sneaker and a  rubber croc. not safe but if I am lucky  I will not have to get out of the tractor.
   Start baling and find out with one foot this is quite the challenge, can push on clutch but  gas peddle proves to be a very painful experience." The clouds are getting darker  it is going to rain" " Don't think just bale" ;just as I am going to cry,  up in his truck pulls W, (my hero).I jump Ok limp off the tractor and he takes over. I have to drive his truck home "oh no " it is my driving foot this really sucks. I love driving it is a big hobby of mine, push down on the gas and off I go  "ouch".
  Well get home and still have to make my guy supper  no problem fish and salad it is ,he would have been happy with a P @J sandwich  he is easy to please. Finally I can sit and put ice on the foot.
  The hay gets baled, the batch of jelly  glistening on the counter is done, supper made all in all a good day.
  My foot is not broke because I can wiggle my toes right? I go to bed after cleaning the kitchen and watching Glee. The very best sleep I have had in months.This is great.
  Awake in morning to a swollen black and blue foot but I can stand on it "maybe I am a doctor" I knew I could wiggle my toes. Everything is fine. I am rested and never had to go to the hospital. Today I am going to drive "uugg"

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