Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Take time to enjoy those unexpected moments."

" Tell me what you eat, and I tell you what you are. Brillat-Savarin".

After Tues morning and changing my plans (I was going to make more jelly) I decided to haul some hay home for my hero from the very back of the farm.
I hitched up the round bale wagon and off I go. I will haul some new hay up for those spoiled cows.
I love the chance to drive through our bush, to reach our neighbours back fields. It is very beautiful this time of year. The maples, oaks, hickory and ash trees are not showing their colours yet but after a frost, which will be coming soon they will.
The bush is a tranquil place. I take the time to stop the tractor and get out to take in it's beauty and solitude. There is not a problem, that a few minutes in the bush will not make you forget; if even for a moment.
Back to work, I gather the load of hay and off I go. Back through the bush and back on a very bumpy, hilly boundary road. The four wheelers have really made this road very challenging with a big load.
Across a questionable culvert over a swamp full of water then up a very steep hill. At this point I put on the seat belt. I made it. I will not be doing that anytime soon ' sorry my hero to stressful you are on your own.
Parking the wagon load back near cows hopefully putting an end to to all the adventures of the week.
Being tired and hungry I stop for lunch and to lie down for a little while. Fibromyalgia makes these tasks a little more challenging and I tire easier.
Two hours later, I must have been worn out, I decide to not meet my daughters for a "girl's night" they will understand I will see them tomorrow.
Thinking my hero deserves a decent supper I make soup.We love soup, the comfort food. My girl's tease me as every restaurant must have soup on the menu. It is their running joke. A full meal in one bowl what more could you want.

One container of organic corn soup base

Cauliflower Potatoes
Broccoli Red pepper
Carrots Garlic
Onions Kale
A little smoked sausage salt and pepper and we have supper.

It will be delicious with pumpernickel bread.

With the tasks of the day done I can only hope that when I look out that window in the morning I can just go back to bed.


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