Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Timeless Beauty!

A wonderful stream is the river time,
As it runs through the realms of tears,
With a faultless rythm and a  musical rhyme,
As it blends with the ocean of years.

                                       Benjamin F. Taylor

 I pass this everyday and look at it, but I have never really taken the time to enjoy.

I am sure in it's time it was the talk of the town. The new project in a modern era.The best of everything . This would change history and the way things would be done in the future,a model of success.This was to make the hard work easier, and profitable.
 As we know everything in history changes, and some things get left behind. Progress and technological advances  change the way we do things, and the requirements of the buildings we require.
 Architecture is a fascinating  area and none more fascinating then the barn (at least to me).  The timeless history of  an era that is all but gone. The world is  a very different place, the family farm is in crisis, factory farms and  industries have changed the way our food is handled.
 We no longer need an old  barn, or for that matter we can no longer afford to upkeep these beautiful pieces of history. It is always  hard when the decision is made to no longer use, or you can no longer afford to keep these barns.All the memories, and labouring times will not be forgotten. But everything has it's end.
 I like to think of them as something in history that has been forgotten over time, like derelict monuments.Someone, someday,  will find it and take an interest in preserving it . History is never history, till it is  almost all  gone. Sometimes it takes awhile for people to notice.
 Farming has always been hard, but we must never forget our ancestors vision, and their struggles. It is what kept our country strong.
 OK I am going to stop writing now, I would like you to take a look at this barn, and take in it's beauty, and thank our ancestors for their outstanding work, and vision.

  There are many other deserted barns, and I will post on another blog. Thank you to the keepers of all these old pieces of history, your care taking will never be forgotten.Everything has an end. Many thanks to  R@J.




  1. Love the photos, and your blog. Looking at all of the photos of the area makes me want to get back for a nice trail run around the farm again real soon!

  2. I am so enjoying your blog, Grace! I love reading your words and checking out those beautiful, familiar sights from back home!

    Thanks and best wishes--

  3. Wonderful photos. The barns are HUGE! I love the rock foundations. Nice to find your blog. I will be following.


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