Saturday, September 25, 2010

Up North!

There is an hour in each man's life appointed
To make his happiness, if then he seize it.
Beaumont and Fletcher

  I thought since I was up here I would go hunting for some interesting pics to share. The leaves have not showed all their colours yet  I would have to wait a little longer. I was not disappointed it was still beautiful.

Dry Lake
I ventured out to find a lake called Dry Lake( not sure why called this but it is not dry).Beautiful.

    I find a narrow road and decide to drive down it. I found this beaver dam and some work being done.Lots of beautiful colours down here.
The beaver work
The beaver dam
 Back to H's   house and park the jeep head to the bush. She has the most wonderful things to enjoy in her bush.Lots of colours here.
The beautiful colours

Just beautiful
  The glacier rocks, I love the rocks , my hero thinks they get in the way of the plow. lol. They have been moved randomly all through  the bush millions of years ago.The bush has grown around these magnificent rocks.Nature at it's best.
The glacier rock
The massive maples which are probably one hundred or more years old. Huge cedar trees, oak, butternut and hickory fill this land. This is like a piece of heaven on earth.I walk for miles it is intoxicating.I soak it's beauty all in.
 I play hide and seek with a chipmunk he is curious as to what I am doing here .
  I stop to pick up some acorn caps off of the oak trees.The caps  make a great whistle if you ever get lost in the bush. A man I met at a You bid auction taught me how.Something he had learned from his Grandfather. I will teach the kids how it is a good skill  to know.
Fungi beauty

More fungi
   I make a fair amount of noise with the whistle and singing (scare anything) this is bear country.My Dad always said "they are more afraid of you then you of them and they don't like our smell" I still make noise better safe then sorry.
  I have no cell phone reception here  so it is just me and my thoughts, no interruptions a rare place in this modern world.
Another glacier rock
 Taking lots of pics to share later, I hike through the bushes and over the fences and downed trees.Being careful to not fall in a hole or tumble down one of the steep hills.A heavy rain last night made lots of puddles and mud, a little slippery. This is nature at it's best. No bears no bugs no anything a great hike. I shall sleep tonight.(I got about 5 hours)
  Back at the house H says so and so seen a cougar back there last night.  Really!

I just like this tree  

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