Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Benefits of Late Nights and Cable TV.

" The mind grows by what it feeds on".
                                            J.G. Holland


  In my sleep deprived state I want to take a wrecking bar and rip out a wall, then replace with a  cool glass partition.
 This is the result of home improvement and decorating shows all night.
 I cannot believe people actually redo their boat house.Everyone needs to get off their fancy boat and relax in their boathouse on the waters edge.Put something in the new oven, perhaps a casserole out of the new frig.Chop up a salad on the new counter top made of  marble then eat on the fancy new kitchen set. Throw the dishes in the new dishwasher. Relax with the big screen TV in the family room. Can you imagine the main house? What a life.
  I would have lived in the boat house with my knapsack, my fishing rod, a can of beans, a spoon and an outdoor toilet and be overjoyed forever. The view alone is worth throwing the TV out the window. Unbelievable.
 They showed the small kids sitting in their new boathouse.Poor kids.They are never going to be satisfied  the real world.
 I found that you could  watch these shows all night, thoughts of paint colours, fabric swatches,furniture refinishing fill my empty head.
 Money is very important in these shows like the poor guy that wanted a computer operated shower "what the heck for?".Not all these shows are realistic.
 I find myself addicted to finding the next show flipping the channels over and over.I am happy we do not have cable at the farm.I am sure I would not get to much done in the day.
 I am also sure my hero would not like to come home to walls knocked out, a different colour every week and probably a lot of unfinished projects, a girl with good intentions but no patience.
 If you need your house sold I am sure I can help you out. I now know exactly  what the buyer wants. I know the reno's you will need and how to stage the house for the showings. I am learning much about things I hopefully  never will use.
 I do not think I will ever move from the farm but I am sure I can sell it and be very satisfied with the way I updated everything. LOL.

  I look forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight. I prefer my dreams over cable TV.



  1. What is wrong with computer operated shower? It is the way of the future!

  2. I don't like those reality shows, because I am tired of them. I turn the TV off. Hopefully oneday soon something else will take their place.


The mind grows by what it feeds on. J.G. Holland

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