Friday, October 22, 2010

The Corn Harvest.!

"For now the cornhouse filled,
 The harvest home,
Th' neighbours to husking come,
A frolic scene,
Where work and mirth and play
Unite their charms to cheer the hours away."
                                          Joel Barlow

 Acres and acres of corn fields. It is the crop that is grown the most in North America. Around my area it seems to be mostly corn and soybean.
Looking at the nice tall fields of corn made me want to know more about why there is so much grown.
 I was surprised to find out that the list of things that does not  contain corn is smaller then the list that does.

 The sweetener used in many foods today made from corn is called high fructose corn syrup or corn sugar.
 It is used extensively in foods from soft drinks to many of the items listed below.
 There is a lot of debate about the use of this sugar
 but I am just here to explain what the farmers job is and how his product ends up on your table.

Brand names of corn planted in strips.

   Most corn from my area I think goes to the process of Ethanol for gas , animal  feed and seed.
 Food products are cereals,breads,popcorn, corn oil, margarine, most snack foods,  instant coffee etc etc.
  I was surprised to know that it is also in beer, gin, vodka, whiskey, bourbon,and wine coolers. These are some of the food products it is in, there are many more.
 The non food products are interesting also. Medicines like syrups,ointments, lozenges, the caplet our drugs come in and aspirin.
 Adhesive for stamps and envelopes,paper cups, toothpaste, laundry starch, and chalk.
 I could fill pages and pages of  products and by-products. Amazing.

 A combine makes quick work of this field.Talking to the farmer he tells me they will work all day and well into the night. They have fields scattered all over the countryside.This will go on for the coming weeks. The moisture content is good so it is crucial that they get it in soon. He takes the time to talk to me, but gets back to work.Thanks R.P.

  I sit here and watch the combine make this look so easy.The older farmers have embraced the new machinery and the new technology. The younger ones only know this way.
 The days of backbreaking work and small acreage are gone.The more corn planted the more profit for the farmer .He has to keep up. The demand for this product is high and the farmers know it.That is why he plants it.

 I would like to thank the farmers who work very hard to keep us in our lifestyle. He takes all the risk and we honestly get all the gain.

Much of this farmers corn will go in the Silo  for making feed  (corn silage) for his dairy herd.


  Farmers feed cities is a very true statement.
 Good luck to all those farmers with  those late nights.

 BE SAFE and enjoy the ride.


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