Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dreams of my trip!

"Sleep is the best cure for waking troubles."

  My own bed, my own pillow,my own dreams. Slept in this morning and I feel ready to take on the day.It is nice to go and sleep somewhere else once in awhile just to make you appreciate your own bed.
 I awake to the misty window and watch the cows meander down the lane to the bush. They have no worries and must have slept well also."Do cows dream?"
 It is a cloudy and rainy day but I am so happy to be here looking out my window.
 The week has been hectic but today I focus on the weekend coming. I will be travelling  with M to Toronto to spend time with K. I am so excited.She was not down for Thanksgiving so I miss her.
  I love our time together in Toronto, land of milk and honey for many.Dreams have come true for people from all around parts of this great world we live in. I love the diversity of the city.It is never boring there is lots to do and see.
 Different cultures, languages, religions, food and ideas all mixed into one big pot. Like taking a trip around the world in one trip.Heavenly.
 We will be going to the show Wicked I have heard many good reviews.It reminds me of my childhood in front of our TV watching Wizard of Oz.You already know what I think of that. It will be so much fun.
 We will eat some strange, and sometimes unrecognizable food from some out of the way place.Oh yes and soup, I love soup.Thai is my favourite. K and I always up to the challenge of trying something different.It has always proved to be enjoyable to us but not to M.
 I hope to go to the AGO, I love the exhibit of Emily Carr's work, a favourite of mine.Lots of Canadian artist work on display I do so enjoy this.
 Maybe a trip to The ROM they have the Terra Cotta Warriors, M says they are as tall as I am. I hope we have time. Never enough time to see all I want, decisions will have to be made.
 To spend a few days with my girls in this glorious city doing what we love is fabulous.We always have a great time.
 The architecture is unbelievable, the Victorian houses on the tree lined streets, the massive skyscrapers, the petite war housing, the amazing be it controversial AGO building, I myself love it.The OCAD  building, all someones creative vision. I hope to get some amazing photos to share.
 Well I must start my busy day, lucky me, the sun has come out. I cannot wait till Sat.



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