Friday, October 8, 2010


Animals are such agreeable friends; 
They ask no questions, pass no criticisms.
                                                George Eliot

 Once upon a time there was a childless couple who had a goat.The couple treated this goat like their child. They were very happy.
 The couple had to move to another province to find work, they gave the goat to their friends. Franny was her name.
 Franny was the most well loved,well trained (dog) a person could ask for.She lived in the house with the first couple and surely expected it to be the same in her new home.
 The new couple (us) at this time lived in the new three bedroom, house with two bathrooms. We had my sister,her husband and two small kids living with us at the time.(This favour would be returned sooner then we knew). Back to the story.
 It was decided Franny would stay in the shed outside.It was more like a condo.It was very comfortable, she had her bed,a chair to climb on, her blanket lots of straw and food and water.She could come and go as she liked through "the goaty door".
 It took some time but she settled in. If we left the door to our house open we would find her sitting on a chair in our kitchen, at the time we thought it was cute.
 My sister's two kids loved Franny, they spent all day together. Aa and T would take her for walks on her leash. Hours of running, hiding and playing.
 One late fall  evening with the kids settled in bed we were watching some TV. I went out to check and make sure Franny was locked in and settled for the night.   No Franny!!
 Searching, searching, phoning neighbours, walking the roads and fields.Since it was a cool one , we kept looking most of the night.
 It was getting  very late, and we all had to go to work in the morning, so the decision was made to stop looking and continue in the morning. This was a very hard decision.No sleep for anyone.
 Franny was part of our family she was loved.
 At first light we all jump out of bed, Aa had  picked up on our conversation and  being three years old he was very upset.
 We asked him where was the last place he seen Franny. He said "when I put her in your car, so she wouldn't be cold".
 It seems Franny was comfortable and sleeping the whole time we were searching for her.
 Out the door we run to open the car door. Out jumps Franny excited , with her tail wagging, she was fine.Everyone was happy.
   "My Car".
 The saying goats will eat anything was never true with Franny; she only ate certain foods and only out of her special dish and never off the floor.
 My backseat was completely ruined, she had ripped the upholstery apart and all the foam was everywhere. Aa  had  thrown  some food on the seat " In case she got hungry". She had also found my emergency chocolate bar."What a mess".
 Since Franny was in there about 10 hours, you can imagine the smell. Not very nice.
 I  had to drive to work, I had no choice but to take  the car. I threw a blanket over all the seats and drove off with all  the windows down. Cold but the only way I could breathe. People avoided me all day, I wonder why?
 Thanks Aa and Franny for the memory.

 I would like to wish all my fellow Canadians a Happy Thanksgiving! Have a safe and happy long weekend.




  1. What a nice story about Franny, also I recognize the house with the pumpkins.


  2. LOL oh dear....what a story! I can just imagine what it was like for you..I'm trying not to laugh..really I am ;)


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