Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The harvest! Soybean!

 Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.  Galatians V1.7

  Let us appreciate the soybean harvest, and the hard working  farmer who gets our food  to our table.


 The harvest is here! I watch the combines taking the soybean off, it is a amazing process. It is a very dry year so it is a very dusty process.
  I choke back the dust to get these pics for you. I think it is important that we see how things work. It involves very large, expensive combines. These combines cost more then double what  our farm cost thirty years ago. It takes a lot of money and commitment for a farmer to stay in the cash crop business. The weather and the market are very unpredictable. Let us hope the price and the yield  are  good so our farmers can plant for next year.
Wagons waiting to be filled line the field.
  Late in the evening and I can still see the lights of the combine in the field across the road.It has been a long day for this farmer. A wagon load of soybean rumble by on the way back to the farm, the lights on the back warning drivers of the danger.
 There is a farmer in the same field with a no till drill and planter. He is planting fall wheat to be harvested  next August. They do not waste anytime.
 As the soybean is removed your new crop is planted. Amazing.

 Just think  that it only takes  one man to do the job that only  decades ago took many men.  Hard  back breaking labour over many  days and weeks, now only takes hours. A lot more land can be worked to feed more people. Progress is wonderful. 

Enjoy the photos and remember where your food comes from.

Back and forth, back and forth.

Lots of time to reflect spending hours driving.

A good radio helps also .Keeps you awake.
 Thank you to all our cash crop farmers and I will be watching for the corn harvest.


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