Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Beginnings! Our Journey! 2

Tain't no use to sit and whine
'Cause the fish ain't on your line;
Bait your hook an keep on trying.
Keep-a-goin !

Frank L. Stanton

My morning welcome.
 As I sit and watch thirty wild turkeys feeding on the sweet clover in the field, a large red tailed hawk soaring overhead. I am reminded of the journey to get here and its challenges. It has been at times a difficult trip but the end result was worth it.

 So my story begins. Part 1 can be read here.

 With the auction over things moved quite quickly; Realtors, lawyers, bankers, and farm equipment dealers and lots of decisions.
 "FOR SALE" the sign terrified me, my beautiful three bedroom house, with two bathrooms. (Never sell in the dead of winter in a hurry, lesson learned), SOLD!
 Banker says "Go" but..... No mortgage, "Too big of a risky business venture", what? It was to be our home. A personal loan with very high interest. No turning back now.
 The sale on the house closes in March; a very, very cold March. "We must move to the farm", "WHAT? I don't think so."
 We find out about this time we are expecting our first child and that plan would change. We will move to the farm when warmer.
 We move to my sister's tiny house with her husband, two kids and their dog. A little crowded but it was warm.
 Moved all the furniture, equipment, and one pet goat named Franny who thought she was a dog, and one very brave brother-in-law ( H ) to the farm to get ready for spring move. We get H some wood, and a wood stove, and wish him "Good Luck"
 Franny and H live the winter in comfort, just kidding I don't know how they survived, but they did.
 May comes and we decide to move in, H decides to move out, off to British Columbia where the winters are warm. It was a "life changing experience" for him on the farm. "Oh oh" well, we were young, and up to the challenge.
 The very first day we move in My Hero heads to the fields to prepare for planting while I try to make this house a home, doing the best I could with what we had.
 Being exhausted from the long day, we retire early.

 Mosquitoes, more mosquitoes, swatting, swatting, and the horrible scratching, and biting it was like sleeping in the bush. Seems our beautiful fireplace chimney is a portal to the great outdoors.
 Since I am up I grab a flashlight and head out to our new bathroom, outside in the dark. Reality, very cold reality.
 Morning comes quickly, and I head to the kitchen to prepare our very first breakfast.
 I look at our table there is a huge hole chewed through the cereal box, and tiny footprints in the butter.
  And our journey begins.



  1. Amazing the things we take on when young isn't it. What a big task ahead of you both.

    "......while I try to make this house a home ,doing the best I could with what we had."
    I love this sentence - such a universal female reaction. No matter how little there is, the house becomes a home with just a few adjustments here and there. Even if it's just a tiny flower in a jar on the table :)

    Oh dear, the chewing through the breakfast cereal ... yes, we've been there in a couple of farm houses we've lived in. I'm thinking maybe a a cat or two joined your family, in addition to Franny?

  2. Susan I am so happy you are reading Our Journey.I love writing about it and love your thoughts about it. Yes lots of cats.You will see this in Our Journey 11. Thanks B

  3. It is strange what we put up with when we are young and in love.

  4. This is so similar to our story except we did it as empty nesters. I was in my in my mid 40's and Bill was in his late 50's. We lived in a tent on our land for the first5 months as there was no house. I moved into the cellar/foundation the day before Thanksgiving as it snowed here in northern Maine. Looks like we are cut of the same cloth...survivors for sure!

  5. I'm just picturing the portal to the outdoors in your chimmney. I love the fact that I can read this journey. Looking forward to next chapter. Lilly


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