Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oct 17th. AND The Gift!

 “ There is no death!
             The stars go down To rise upon some other shore,
   And bright in Heaven’s jeweled crown,
             They shine forever more
                             John L. McCreery

  Three years ago today my life changed forever. I watched my Dad pass away in his home where he had chosen to be.
  My first experience with death, let me clarify this, the first time I had watched someone die.
  There was no pain, just a peace that I had never seen before. He was staring at the ceiling in his room, a peaceful look on his face. No stress, no hesitation. He knew where he was going and was ready to join his parents and his brother.
  We had a very short period to adjust to the news, cancer. A horrible disease that takes many people we love. No one is immune.
  My Dad was always there when we needed him. A busy man with many children trying his best to give them what was needed. A man who slept behind a curtain with eleven people on the other side trying to be quite, as he was working shift work and needed his sleep. I know he never had that sleep.
  There was always food on the table, not always food we wanted but it was always there. He made sure of that if it be by hunting, fishing or working for a farmer.
  A man who not only supported his family but helped many families that he did not even know. Fighting for the rights of others, union labour rights, or social justice. A self taught, brilliant man, who would read everything he could get his hands on. Law was his interest. He would quote you new laws and old ones helping many others with his knowledge.
  In the late 60’s running for a place in politics, to change policy, a time where people were content to leave things as they were. Fighting for the poor workingman trying to support his family the best way he knew how.
  Alas he never got the chance they were not ready for a man with his vision. I was so proud of him for fighting for a cause he believed in, trying to get others to see his vision. He just wanted for all man, rich or poor to be able to take care of the needs of their family and getting the help they needed to do this and not worry about losing their jobs.
  My Dad made sure we or anyone else never went without. Our house was always full of children hungrier then we were. There was always room at our table. My parents were very giving.
  When things got better for my parents they were giving money, food and essentials to all that needed help. They had been through the hard times and knew what it was like.
  At my Dad’s funeral I realized just how many envelopes of money and boxes of food and helpful advice had been given. In a person’s most desperate time my Dad was there. People were just so grateful and wanted to share their stories with us. He was a private man never letting  his deeds go noticed. We knew he had a big heart and had always tried to take care of everyone.We had no idea how much.
  I remember joke time, my Dad had a quirky sense of humour; he would call us all in to the living room “Joke time, joke time”, we would all come running. His sense of humour was contagious.There were some tough times but always lots of laughter.
  I have many happy memories of my Dad. I will be heading to the bush today, a place where I feel the closest to him. I will remember all our special times together and those funny jokes.
Thanks Dad “Did you hear the one about?"

The Gift !!!!

" Always expect the unexpected".
                                  Author  Unknown

 As I was writing my blog today, my hero calls me to look out the back window.
 Binoculars show many orange things in the pasture.What can they be? They look like pumpkins but we have  to check them out.
 I walk by this field everyday, I drive the tractor by everyday to feed my cows. I use the binoculars to look out over this field everyday. I have never seen this. "How could I have missed it?"
 We race back, sure enough a mix of  seven large and small pumpkins.
 A gift. We never planted them nor did we even see them
so surely they are a true unexpected gift.

 I think of it as my little miracle thanks Dad.


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