Friday, October 1, 2010

October 1st. Amazing!

 O, it sets my heart a clickin’
Like the tickin of the clock,
When the frost is on the punkin
And the fodder’s in the shock.

                James Whitmore Riley

It is 8am. I have already fed the cows, loaded a bucket load of wood from the barnyard, then unloaded into the house. I t was getting cold, and wet, I love the warmth of a wood fire.
My hero worked hard

I look at the calendar and realize it is already October. The year has  gone very fast. It has been a busy season, and this is the month we should be ready for the impending winter ahead.
Lots of Kale, it  keeps till  Feb, frost makes sweeter.
Hay is ready
The hay for feeding is ready; the wood cut and split, vegetables in the freezer. The tractors are winterized, and ready to plow snow, and the vehicles are ready.
We must be prepared, it may be an early, long, and cold winter we never know.
I look forward to looking out the window and seeing the snow. It is always so beautiful. If we are well prepared, we can enjoy the slower pace of the winter.
 I can start and finish quilting projects, sew and bake; the chance to visit family we have neglected over the summer. I will have time to write, and of course my blogging ,which I am glad I started. There are also those ever interesting auction sales, we love to see.
 There will still be feeding everyday, making sure the cows are comfortable, and happy, wood to get in, and keeping the fire going. No such thing as total relaxation around here.

 The winter brings its own challenges, especially with my Fibro but I will not let it get in the way of my enjoyment of the season. I see sleepless nights, and hot packs in my near future.
Still changing looking for the reds.
 My sister wants me to try, Reishi mushroom tea. It is an herbal Chinese medicine Supposedly it has helped her. I will research thoroughly, and may give it a try. Since I do not take medication it may be what I need. We will see.
Last sunset of September
 The leaves are slowly changing, they will be gone, only to be replaced by drifting snow. I will enjoy the change and barring any unforeseen circumstances, we are prepared.
 Beautiful fall.


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