Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our Journey Continues! 3

 "The busy have no time for tears"  

First new calf, life on the farm.

Our days consisted of My Hero working 14-hour days then rushing home having supper and working on the farm till after dark. Collapsing into bed only to be repeated again in the morning.
 I was working fulltime then rushing home to make supper, tend the garden and help My Hero when needed. Trying to get ready for this new person that was to enter our lives. We were always moving, never resting, always tired.
 Weekends were spent with the help of many family members fixing fences, sowing the fields trying to get wood in before the winter. Our house was always full everyone loved the farm.
 By this time we had a few chickens for eggs, some turkeys, a couple of pigs, a few beef cattle and one very temperamental milk cow named Mary and her steer calf, and of course Franny.
 It was a lot of work, my brother E moved in to help I am sure with orders from my Dad as he was always worrying about his princess daughter.
 My Dad had raised his girls to be princesses he was "a man’s work, women’s work" kind of guy.
My sister, the snow plow driver and landscaper, and myself the hardworking, tractor driving, get your hands dirty girl certainly debunked his theory.
 My sister says we have a big boulder under our mattress instead of that little pea. We can really feel it. We like to think of ourselves as princesses in work boots. Breaking all the rules rebels. My poor Dad, but he was very proud of us both.
 Haying had now started on the farm; the evenings and weekends became so much more demanding. This is before we bought a round baler. Thousands of square bales to be cut raked and baled then put in hay mow. It was hard dirty work. We were always exhausted.
 As with every good story there is a twist, our daughter M decided to come two months early.
 It was an evening My Hero and some friends were putting yet another wagon load of hay in the barn.
 Being tired I was sitting in the farmhouse trying to rest. Working all the hours at work and after work were starting to take their toll.
  I waited as long as I could then told My Hero we should go to the hospital, by this time I was very nervous I was two months early, this is all I kept thinking.
 My Hero drove very slowly I made him stop and pick up my Mom on the way. I knew I needed a cool head and she had done this job many times before.
   Waiting, waiting. After watching My Hero sleep in the uncomfortable chair, knowing he was exhausted. I sent him to take my Mom home.
 Yes, you guessed it my very small beautiful baby girl was born. 4lbs 6oz. She was to be in an incubator for 4 weeks and I was to stay in hospital for 10 days. We brought her home to start her new life at the farm, My Hero, myself, M and of course Franny the goat. Life as we knew it had changed again.



  1. Such long days of hard work.
    Exhausting, but, no doubt, satisfying, looking at what you both achieved each day?

    Oh dear, I can imagine how you would have been concerned that baby was coming 2 months' early.
    What a tiny sweet little soul M must have been at just 4lbs 6ozs.
    Bringing a new babe home for the first time is just the most wonderful ♥ feeling isn't it.

  2. I love the bit about your Dad arent all Dads the same.

  3. I'm finding myself sitting on the edge of my office chair as I read this! Ok...on to the next installment!

  4. I have been away for a bit and now back home for a bit, so am enjoying this next installment of your journey. This is like a nice cuppa tea - sit back, relax n read. Congrats on your new additions n changes in life.


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