Friday, October 15, 2010

The Rock!

 “If there were dreams to sell,

             Merry and sad to tell,

   And the crier rung his bell,

   What would you buy?”


 As a child I had a very vivid imagination .I lived in a little village surrounded by farm fields. There was always somewhere to explore.
 In one particular field there was a massive rock surrounded by a long abandoned hay field. The grass was very high, a secret hiding spot.

 This was my place; I could sit for hours atop this rock, hiding from my crowded, and sometimes chaotic world. 
 I named this rock “my treasure rock". I was convinced that long ago someone had placed this very heavy rock unto buried treasure. The rock being huge would keep it safe.
 I just knew it was something fantastic, something that would change my life and my family’s life forever.
 Everyday I would try to dig around, and try to move that rock. Hours and hours spent pushing, wishing and hiding my secret.

  I grew up finally realizing that it was just a beautiful rock, and if I wanted treasure or a change in my life, I would have to work hard and make smart choices. That was the only answer.
 I do not know whatever happened to my rock. A house sits where it used to be.
  Secretly, I am convinced someone found my treasure and lived out there dreams. It changed their lives.
 I think everyone should have a treasure rock or a dream that they will never forget.

 Maybe one of these could be your treasure rock. Enjoy.

  Gracie's Lane


  1. The lane - adore that, lovely colours..

  2. I love all of your rocks, some of them look very familiar.

  3. Love it...Buttons thoughts.

  4. I do not know who you are or where you live...but I really love first your rocks, next your poems!


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