Saturday, October 30, 2010

Round up Day!

"Bowed by the weight of centuries he leans
Upon his hoe and gazes on the ground
The emptiness of ages in his face
And on his back the burden of the world."
                                                            Edwin Markham

 I always take the day before roundup for myself. I try to do something I enjoy. It is an emotional part of the farming I never really enjoyed.It is also the part we need to do to survive. Bills have to be paid.

 I went for a walk Friday morning and took in all the sites of the farm and neighbouring farms.I found some pics I thought I would share.

Holly Hock

Gift in a tree.

Not sure, some kind of pod with prickles.

 I also took the day to finish a quilt for a very special boy who's sister all ready has one. It took most of the day but I am pleased with the results.It will be warm and I am sure he will like it. He asked for red and blue with cars.
Red and blue with racing cars.
 Ok, It is Saturday, I had a good nights sleep and we will wait for first light.We will go out to the barnyard and sort the stockers (year old calves) from the other cattle. There should be about 25 that we will ship.
 It is not a stressful thing for the cows as they are used to the barn and the gate system we have in place.
 Our drover will come and take them to his house with  the trailer, then feed and water them for a few weeks,  the Mennonite's will receive them after that. The Mennonite's like to buy Herefords so I know where they are going.They will have a good home.
 The heifers will be raised to breed and the steers will be raised for meat.
 I will not be selling Sandy (re Decisions) we will give her another chance. She has not been out in the field since we fixed the fence. It was a crime of opportunity, she is safe.
 Well I will let you know how it goes. Anytime you have cattle and the two of us in a barnyard anything can happen. It can be a  dangerous place. Our cattle are pretty good but accidents do happen.We will be careful.
 This is a necessary part of farming, so it has to be done.A sad day for me but it will be nice to pay the bills that have accumulated over the year.


All is well the stockers are gone to their new home and we are ready to start over in the spring again. A years worth of work over.Everything went well and calm.


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