Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday ,My Thanksgiving Day.( Family)

  A good life is sunshine in a house.  Thackeray

  Today is the day!! Expectations are high,the turkey is ready for the oven. My family and friends are coming for the big feast.
 The phone was ringing all day yesterday as everyone is preparing for this big day. 
 The kids can hardly contain their thoughts, the idea of running free, feeding the cows and being with their cousins.It will be a joyous day.
 My thoughts go back to a Thanksgiving long ago when I had both our  families over, everything was going very well, turkey in oven, lots of food brought in and of course pie.
 Letting the oven take care of the turkey we spent the day outside enjoying the the beautiful sunny day. I think around 40 people were here.
 I come in to check turkey about 2 , we were going to eat at 4,  I  realize my oven had quit  working. The turkey was not even close to being cooked.
 This was the main course "what was I going to do"? A house and yard  full of   people and kids that had been running around for hours complaining they were hungry.
 I went into panic mode and my sister( the cool headed one) says no problem I will go get Kentucky fried chicken. "What? It was Thanksgiving", it did not seem right but we had no other choice.
 At this time most everyone outside still  thought we were  having turkey, their taste buds looking forward to it and the dressing, a typical Thanksgiving feast.
    We call everyone in from outside and they all come running in  with high expectations. It was a little unusual but everyone enjoyed the meal . Things worked out fine.Thank goodness.
 My niece says  " Auntie B that was the best Thanksgiving we ever had , can we have it again next year?"
 Every year since we still talk about that day, the younger kids always saying "When can we have Kentucky fried chicken for Thanksgiving?"
 The moral of the story is always believe things will work out fine. Thanksgiving is just  a day to give thanks and appreciate family and the things we are enjoying in our lives.AND  always have a back up plan.
 I hope your Thanksgiving  is special, even if it does not go the way you plan it is just a day.Everyday is my Thanksgiving.

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