Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saying goodbye to my Merrells !

  All things must change
   To something new, to something strange.


   As I look at my battered dirty hiking shoes I know it is coming to the time of change.
We have had a good relationship my shoes and I. We have traveled to the end of Canada. It was to be my very   first trip alone on a plane.  To taste the Pacific Ocean and see the mountains, my only real dream since childhood. Afraid of the unknown but excited with my brand new Merrills along for the ride.   I am not sure why I waited so long.
 We hiked to the top of the mountains, through the massive pines ,across the streams, along the ocean shore;   We walked the streets of Vancouver and Victoria. Our unforgettable trip together. It was not to be my last. My Merrills never leaving my feet. But  for a brief moment at the airport. They were the most comfortable shoes I had ever worn. I put many miles on them and not one blister.
 Back on the farm they have walked through the mud and manure. Hiked through the snow, and  ice. Never letting me down.
 They would go to  Toronto with me so I could hike for hours  taking in all the hustle and bustle. They were always in style. OK my style. I loved these shoes. It seems very silly to love a shoe.
 They had  been there when I had to put my loyal dog Tasha to sleep, my tears fell upon  them as I held her tight and said goodbye.
 They were there when I said goodbye to my Father for the last time. The hours spent hiking  through our woods trying to deal with the grief. Reliving his favourite spot in the bush remembering.
 It is silly to get attached, I had very strong emotions that came and went while in these shoes.  I am intelligent enough to know they are not related. It just seems that  all my happiest and saddest moments came about the same time I bought them.
  It is time to get new ones and start another new set of memories. I will not be able to throw them out just yet but as everything it just takes time.


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