Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thanksgiving is coming!!!

A little house well filled,
a little land well tilled,
and a little wife well willed,
are great riches.

Always look behind you, you never  know  what you are missing.

 I am so excited. In the middle of the good night's sleep, I made a decision , as we were going to my hero's family dinner Sunday,  I would invite all my family to the farm for Sat. Sounds easy right.
 I have a very large family and this may involve near 50 people. It is short notice but everyone that can make it will be here and those that can't will try harder.
 The farm has always been a happy and memorable place for my brothers and sisters, nieces, nephews and extended family. The kids love it.
 A few years ago I had everyone out and it was great.The four wheelers were running, the kids were running free. Everyone walking in the woods enjoying the season. The cows are always a hit with the kids (they feed them crusts of bread I save for this purpose) close and personal with a cow's tongue brings great joy for the young. Tractor rides and watching my eighty plus Mom go for her very first four wheeler ride (so funny) helmet was bigger then her.Everyone having a big smile on their face. All a person can ask for.
 There is always lots of food brought in and pie (I love pie).Fun fun for all.
 K will be working but we will pick her up at the train later ,she will miss most of the fun but some relatives will still be here, she is looking forward to turkey and a home cooked meal.
 This will be a very special time, my Father passed near Thanksgiving three years ago on the 17th.A very sad time for all, this will be a time to reflect on that.
 My Dad loved the farm. He especially liked all the family together at  Thanksgiving ( I think secretly  he was just glad they were not all jammed in his little house). Dad was very funny , this will make for no tears, just laughter and happy memories.
 The house will be very full. When we started this my brothers and sisters numbered eleven.Now with wives husbands, children and grandchildren, it has increased to a small army.
 Silly me used to invite both families at once. CRAZY!! The house would almost explode, especially if it rained. My hero's family numbers eleven brothers and sisters, so same numbers.
 No more of that. Now  my brother-in-law  has my hero's family at his farm. Turkey dinner two days in a row and getting to see both our families this is happiness.
 This will be a busy week, preparing and cleaning  not to much cleaning as it there will be a lot more to do  after. I can't wait. Lots to do busy, busy.
 Oh and since I don't have Facebook. LOL I will phone everyone today, or to all my family that reads this dinner at 4 come early, bring food ,  and please phone me.
 H you are invited as you are truly my  family. Hope to see you.
 Should be fun.


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