Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thanksgiving and exhaustion!

For the hand that rocks the table
Is the hand that rocks the world.
                       William Ross Wallace

Second  served,after the kids.

  In my experience,  like every well laid plan ,Thanksgiving has always been about changes and a backup plan.
 The Saturday turned out fantastic. The weather was cool but very sunny and beautiful. The leaves were blowing off of the trees so everyone could not wait to get to the bush. Some walking but most on the back of the tractor where we had hooked up a wagon, full of hay. Some adventurous  people went back with dune buggies and four wheelers.
 Yes I chose the dune buggies,all the young people made it look like so much fun. They were right it was incredible.We have trails through out our bush , I have always walked them and took in their beauty. This time I wanted to try something new. It was definitely new and exciting. I traveled slowly through the bush but on the drive back to the house" I let her rip" it was so much fun.
 Back to the house to check the turkey, I know what you are thinking, but you are wrong, it was cooked.All the food was on the table then we rang the big old dinner bell,  well I wish I had one of  those , I yelled out the door and in they come.We let my Mom go first , the kids then adults. Close to forty five  people patiently waiting their turn. All went well.
 People eating outside, enjoying the day, people in the kitchen, in the living room and in the hall.People scattered every where; I love a full house and yard.
 After dinner and socializing, and with  everyone very full ;off go the dune buggies and four wheelers again. Everyone covered in mud, fun, fun fun. Dark came and everyone left, the kitchen was clean and I fell into bed. All in all, a great day. My hero's family tomorrow.
Always something to see in the bush

Sunday at my My hero's brother's farm.
  Having been here about one hour, enjoying the family, catching up on our lives after a very busy summer for all, my cell phone rings.
  It was my sister, "Mom fell, calling an ambulance", You can stay there we will let you know what happens."
My Mom is eighty plus so my hero drives me the ten minute trip to see what is needed. I will not be returning for my turkey dinner.
 Sitting in the back of the ambulance my thoughts go to my Dad and how I am starting to not enjoy the month of October.
 In the hospital my Mom goes for x rays, my sister shows up and we find out she has broken  her right arm (she is right handed). "A lucky break" the doctor says.Really? It seems she fractured her arm just far enough down from her shoulder that she will not need surgery just a sling and lots of time and patience. Oh yes and painkillers.Off  we go back home.I volunteer to spend the night as she will not be living alone for awhile.


 It seems my Mother who is very stubborn and independent decided she would stand on a chair,she fell while trying to reach something. It could have been much worse so we were very thankful for that.
  As I sit at midnight watching my Mom eating her cheerios with her left hand and me eating a bowl also, I can't help but think of the turkey dinner and pie I just missed.
  I am very thankful to be sitting here with my Mom. It appears that cheerios were my backup plan.


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