Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Timeless Beauty II " The hidden beauty" !

Let us never forget that the cultivation of earth is the most important labor of man.
When tillage begins,other arts follow,
The farmers, therefore are the founders of civilization.
                                          Daniel Webster.

 Over a hundred years ago a family built a dream, with the help of many. An English style barn, with a limestone, and stone foundation. Wooden pens, to house massive strong work horses, used to work the land.
  Stalls for cattle, and a milk house for the storing,  then shipping, of the milk. Making a family self sufficient, and prosperous.
  We go up the stairs, we see the post and beam construction design.The axe marks, still visible, in the hand hewn beams. The wooden grainery to hold the harvested grain, and the loft to hold the loose hay, for the livestock.
 The magnificent high roof ,and the bark covered trees that hold it up. A true engineering feat.  A jewel of the time.

 In the boards of the thrashing floor of  every barn is the history of the farm family.It's blood, sweat, and tears, echo the music and laughter, of a time gone by.    Author unknown.

 Let us not forget.

 As light filters through this piece of history, we can take in it's beauty, and marvel at the craftsmanship.

. Thank you to all the family members, who let us have a glimpse into their  heritage. Thanks to  Stonehaven Farm.  A special Happy Birthday to D.



  1. What a nice birthday tribute to D.


  2. Fantastic photos! So many memories.

  3. Hey, great photos - especially the inside ones with the sunlight shining through. Thanks for the birthday greetings and fall photos too. Every time I look at your blog, I feel like I'm taking a little trip back to Ontario.
    D. in BC.

  4. The old barn looks as sturdy and straight as the day it was built. Thank you so much for sharing the photos of this wonderful structure.



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