Monday, October 25, 2010

Toronto 401 !

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself "
                                                F.D Roosevelt

 When Teddy wrote this in 1933  they never even thought  about the 401 in Toronto I am sure.
  This is where I  close my eyes and let M do her thing. I always thought I would someday drive alone  through Toronto on the 401.I went  on a plane and flew by myself at 54 for the first time absolutely terrified of heights but I did it and glad I did. Nothing to fear but fear itself .I am no longer afraid of heights so it was a  good plan.
 There are to many variables on this highway, at least on a plane there is the plane, the pilot, and the weather to think about; not thousands of angry and frustrated people looking to get home after a long day.
 You have a very mixed bunch on the highway at the same time. Truckers, working people,bus drivers, young and old drivers, sane and insane drivers and little ol' me.
 There are the really crazy people that think eating a sandwich and talking on the phone at the same time  is the most normal thing in the world. It does not sound sane to me.Not bad if you are driving 30 km's an hour but at 120 is pretty crazy. She must think she has extremely good driving skills or is extremely lucky. The guy reading a map is oblivious to the person in front of him, as he is lost.  I am sure the two people texting  their friends about those two crazy people eating and reading the map thought it was bad.
 I should have never looked up from my writing. M hates to see me jump on my invisible brake and she also does not like to hear the gasp I make when people pull in front of us.
 I look back down, I will continue to write and stay in my happy place. Only two more hours to go.
 Fear itself wins.



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