Tuesday, October 26, 2010


"The artist does not see things as they are,but as he is."
                                                         Alfred Tonnelle

Stairs to beauty.

Subway car before the rush.
 I love this city. You can get anywhere you want underground when it rains. We spent a fair amount of time underground .
Back to the light.

 I would like to show you the Toronto I see, and enjoy when I am there.

The ROM, no need to go in.

 I never went in any of the museums, this trip.We did not go to any art galleries.We thought we would save our money, and enjoy the art that the city provides free, all you have to do is pay attention.

Look up!

                                                          Just look up.There it is.

St. Lawrence Market
More ROM

Off to Kensington market.A eclectic mix of old and new.Ethnic food, modern food.Vintage shops,new shops.Vegetable stands,meat shops, an old world bakery, the list goes on.It is like it's own little world.Everything you ever wanted  to see, and try is here.
 I loved the atmosphere, the different languages overheard. The mix of people, the rich, the poor, the young, the old.Everyone is seen here, it is a  very busy popular spot.

One man is cracking oysters open, and serving them in the street, with hot sauce, and lemon".Two for five,Two for five" a very popular spot. I watch young and old slurp down this little treat.

 One thing that did bother me here was, an Army Surplus Store, I never feel very crowded, but inside here I felt like I was suffocating.The rows, and rows of clothing, gear, boots etc all stacked to the ceiling, on shelves.The aisles so close together, I had to walk hugging my arms to my chest.I only lasted two minutes, then I had to scramble to the street.The man working there obviously hated his job.He kept saying as he kept running to the street also."The fresh air is better then being jammed in there." Poor man.

Well I will leave you with some more free art to view.If you just take the time, you never know what you will see.

"It was a dark and lonely night".

Bata Shoe Museum

Street  lined with colour.

A master architect's work.  ( Street car view).

 I Will talk more about my trip tomorrow. It is 2am.


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