Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wicked was Wicked!

"The world loves a spice of wickedness."

More art in Toronto

  On the subway, we are excited to be on our way to see Wicked. The subway is crowded, I find myself watching the different dynamics of people.
 We jump off the subway and transfer  to another train, we are going to the The Canon Theater.I love the subway it is exciting. We get off at the Eaton Center downtown and exit to Young and Dundas Square.
 Wow!!  I have never been here in the dark before.It is incredibly bright and busy.Giant screens with advertising and CTV television shows flash all around, high above us.Unreal, fountains of water shoot straight up to the sky. This is a visual feast.We take some pics having fun with the poses and laugh and laugh. This will be a great time. Now to the Canon.

A foggy night.

The theater is beautiful, I take it all in.We climb to the balcony and sit, not the very  best seats but we can see the stage well. This is so exciting.
Canon Theater lobby.

 We were not disappointed, the costumes, the actors, the music and the story were incredible.
 The story puts a very different spin on The Wizard of Oz, memories of my childhood come flooding back.My family sitting altogether on the floor in front of the TV watching this story with our toast and cocoa. My Dad telling us again how the first time he seen this in the theater, "The house door opened in Oz and everything was in beautiful colour". It was the first time he had seen colour.He was always so excited telling this story we thought we were seeing it too.Our black and white TV did not do this justice.Tears come to my eyes reliving this.
 I loved the Wicked story. I do like a happy ending.The Wizard still frightened me it seemed very real. I now love "The Wicked Witch". Incredible.
 If you ever loved to watch The Wizard of Oz you must go see Wicked you will be amazed.You will laugh and cry,and remember there are always two sides to every story. You will love it.
 Off to the subway and the Noodle Bowl for a late dinner. Mmmm   soup.


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