Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Party!

Just after the death of flowers,
 And before they are buried in snow,
There comes a festival season
When nature is all aglow."

Not bad for November.

 Christmas Party I can hardly believe this myself.
I am looking out my window admiring the Indian summer. It is sunny and warm. The grass is still green.It looks lovely.
This is very unusual even for us, November 18th, and not a sign of winter.It is so close to the holidays now.We should be showing some signs.I do not mind though.It is always nice to squeeze in these warm days before winter shows its wrath.
 I will go to this party decorated in a Christmas theme, only to go back outside, to be greeted to beautiful fall weather.Strange.
 I think winter used to start earlier, but normal winter weather has taken on a new meaning.The winters seem to be warmer, shorter and leave a lot less snow. Global warming?
 My cows do not mind this one bit. They are roaming the fields finding the sweet sprouts of green grass.They are very happy.
  Our ponds are overflowing, we had 4inches of rain the other night. This is good for us, now we will be set for the winter.
These are some photos from the other morning.Yes this is November .


 Now I have to decide what to wear. My coveralls, and my polka dot rubber boots are probably not going to cut it.I like them better.They are very comfortable.


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