Friday, November 26, 2010


Some people say it is a very easy thing to get up
of a cold morning

You have only,they tell you,to take the resolution;
and get things done."
                                       Leigh Hunt

  The tractor makes a long drone sound, as it tries to start in the cold. I will have to remember to plug it into the timer tonight .Diesel and cold together make my unplanned mornings slower.
 After beautiful warm days, we awake to this cold.It is -13c with windchill, this is to much of a change for me. The wind seems to chill you to the bone. If it was snowing, it would be warmer.
 I leave the tractor running to warm up and go get my coffee.
 Sitting in my kitchen chair, I watch the cows walk very slowly over the frozen mud.Some of them are lounging on the mounds of bedding we have on the ground.
 Just behind the cows are three deer, they are young ones, wandering  around looking for those rare sprouts of green grass. They do not seem to mind the cold.They are happy to roam free. They know it is only bow hunting season in this area now.

 The cows huddle around the feeder with the fresh green hay, munching time away.They are contented and take the weather in it's stride. Ernest II is waiting for his mother's milk, he is not interested in the hay this morning.

 I will try to move the feeders and loads of hay back to a more sheltered spot today.I never know if this will get done, but that is my plan; as every farmer knows, always expect, the unexpected.

 This weather looks like it may stay . They will like it better in the cedars where they are more sheltered. They enjoy the south side of the bush, with the warmth of the sun.
 I retire my rubber boots and put on my lined work boots and my lined coveralls.

 Off I go, it is going to be a busy day.

 I wrote this Thursday morning. It is now 12am on Friday and I awake to the sound of  what I assume is freezing rain on the roof.  I think it is freezing rain as it has been very cold all day.
 I was wrong it is just rain.I guess it has warmed up outside again. This is very strange weather.
 I guess by morning I will be back in my rubber boots. My forgetting to plug in the tractor, will not be a problem.Expect the unexpected was right.
 It is pouring rain now. I wonder, what the morning will bring?


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