Monday, November 15, 2010

The Dark!

"Nothing is more simple then greatness,
indeed to be simple is great."

 6:30 pm. Sunday.Sitting in the dark.We have been sitting in the dark since 5pm.The radio said that 8800 customers are without hydro for some unknown reason. They expect to have it back on by 8:30. I wonder if they don't have any idea why it is out, how they can make that promise.
 I have never minded when the hydro goes out, we have a lantern, a radio and each others company.
 My Hero and I are pretty low maintenance.
 We had just finished a bowl of homemade stew, and were enjoying M's company after a very busy weekend. We had enjoyed having company. With the excitement  of two happy, energetic children and their Mom, it was a fun weekend. We were just relaxing and reminiscing about the adventure.
 I went to check my email one last time and everything went dark. If you are reading this it did not hurt my computer.
 We have a wood stove, and water and are quite comfortable. We are enjoying a cup of tea from water we boiled on the wood stove.
 No power means no pressure system in the country, so if the hydro is out for to long there will be no flushing (enough said) or showers. We are not exactly adventurists, we still enjoy some of our comforts.
 I like the way the lantern casts eerie shadows on my paper as I write. I look out the window. Not one light source. It is beautifully dark. The only downfall is that it is raining so there are no stars to admire.With no trace of light it would have been magnificent.
 In this fast paced world it is nice when circumstances like this one, slow us down. We realize just what is important.No electronic stimulus, and everyone is in the same room. All sharing this experience as a family.
 The radio just announced the power would not be on till 9:15 pm., then the channel went off the air.Now we really wonder what is going on. We think this is going to be longer then they expect.
 It is now 7pm and the lights come back on.Back to normal.


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