Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Eyes of Fear!

"Still as he fled his eye was backward cast
As if his fear still followed him behind."
                                Edmund Spenser

 I still see those eyes as I try to put the memories of the day behind me.
Every time I close my eyes to sleep, I see the crazed fear in those eyes. I remember my fear. Fear of one of us getting hurt or worse.
 It was Saturday morning and My Hero and I are sorting some cows. We have a few yearling bulls to ship, before we put the cows back deeper in the bush. This will be the last chance, as we will not ship in the winter. They have to go.
 Everything is going well. The gate system, and keeping calm always works.
 We only had the yearlings, and one blonde heifer left in behind barn. They were calm, and we should be done soon.
 All of a sudden the blonde heifer realizes the rest of the cows are gone, she is with only the yearlings, she panics.They all bolt into the barn.This is fine, they run into the pen, we just have to get the heifer back out, so she can join the rest of the herd.
 My Hero went to shut the gate, and get her out when she went into panic mode, she bolted towards him , he shouts a warning to me "look out".
I was outside trying to get the gate unhooked as fast as I could so she could get out.She flew out the barn, running straight for me, our eyes glaring at each other. She tries to jump the gate I was trying to unhook. I hurl myself over the gate, trying to get out of her way.She could not get over the gate, so she glares at me, and runs back into the barn, toward My Hero.
 I was terrified for him, all the time trying to get this gate unhooked. She was as frightened as we were.Out runs My Hero, slamming the barn door behind him.
 She had jammed the gate, that is why I could not get it unhooked.My Hero unhooks it.
 We open up the gate, then the barn door.I cower behind the tractor terrified, and shaking. Out she runs free.
 I always hate this part of cattle farming. When it goes well I can handle it but; it only takes one frightened cow to change things very quickly.
 It was not her fault, or ours, she just panicked.I was more worried about My Hero, he was in the barn without an escape route. I was outside.
 Twelve hundred pounds of a panicked cow is very scary. I will never get used to this. The fear stays with you.Things could have went very wrong.
 Blonde cows are too high strung for me, I find Herefords much calmer.They do not panic.
 I take the hay deeper into the bush. There she is, she looks at me calm, her eyes peaceful, and contented.She is with the rest of the herd.
 I close my eyes. I see her eyes, my chest tightens. I am getting to old for this.



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  2. I bet your FM acted up with this tension. I hope not. Enjoy the rest of your day, fry to relax.

  3. Been catching up on your blog. Very interesting.
    Sound like you both had quite a bad time with that 'blonde' cow.
    Nice talk we had :) Always enjoy.xoxox

  4. We raise Gelbvieh cattle. Some are yellow and some are red. They are the most gentle breed of cattle I have ever worked with.

    Glad every one was safe.


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