Sunday, November 21, 2010

Full Moon and a New Camera!

How like a queen comes forth
   the lonely Moon
From the slow opening curtains
             of the clouds
Walking in beauty to her mid-
             night throne!

                   George Croly

  Amazing what you see at  midnight on a weekend. I thought I would try out my new camera.
   I should really look outside at night rather then just peck away at my keyboard. I only noticed this moon, as it was so bright outside, I could see the barn.I am not sure what the ring around it means. Maybe someone could let me know.

 There is an old farmer's tale, that on a full moon your calves will be born.I guess I will see in the morning.Only one calf so far, Ernest II.

 Well now that I have this new camera, I am going to show you some interesting pics, I took on the weekend.

Ice art.

Gotta love this.
 No snow yet.
Frost on the rail.

Guess you can tell, I am having fun with my new camera.
 I hope to have more luck, with keeping you interested in my views of life, through pics.Maybe I will see those friendly  turkeys again.



  1. My father used to say that a ring around the moon was the sign of a storm.


  2. beautiful pictures, I like that we see things in very simular ways. We have alot in common


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