Friday, November 19, 2010


Human history is in essence a history of ideas."

 Yet another treasure found in the sale rack, of our local library. Chronicle of Canada 1990.Conceived by Jacques Legrand.
 This book is fascinating,( I am a history buff).It  is written in headline form. An easy read, and intriguing. It is a very large, heavy book, with almost 1000 pages.
 You will truly appreciate our present lives, if you know the struggles to get here.
 The book shows the fashions over the eras, from Victorian gowns to farm attire.Also, the horrible effects of some of our fashion choices.The corsets they wore, laced so tightly that it actually changed the bone structure, and internal organs, of these women.
 Another article, urges women not to wear these corsets, and to wear more crinolines, so as to create the illusion of a smaller waist .Interesting.
 An article from Nova Scotia, urges families of daughters, to teach them, that men do not marry thin, sickly,weak girls. They should make them eat more, to be voluptuous..Really!  No wonder this image thing still goes on.
 Women, in a lot of articles were thought of as chattel in our society. Up to, and including the 1900's in some instances..In contrast, back in the 1400's, Iroquois women were the decision makers.The person who took care of everything, the leaders. The men took their orders from the women, the women had sole ownership of the home, (longhouses), not the men. . A very interesting contrast.
 Women's  rights, took a very long time to come in to effect.I am grateful to the women who fought for this cause.
 Being a mother of two daughters, knowing they have choices, and their futures are in their control, makes me happy.They can be, or do anything they want, as long, as they work hard to reach those goals. Nothing to stand in their way.
 They can also have the choice to wear, what they feel comfortable.

 I look forward to, curling up in my chair, in front of my kitchen window.Knowing my chores are done. Gazing out at the blowing snow, and howling wind.Reliving history, and enjoying the warmth of my wood fire.



  1. The history of the Iroquois tribe, including women and mens roles in that tribe, is very interesting. I was reading about their history a while back and am looking forward to picking up a book about them one of these days.

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  3. I am enjoying your blog.


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