Friday, November 5, 2010

The Inukshuk and The Farmer!

"Ah to build to build!
That is the noblest of all the arts."

 NDF had mentioned she liked the Inukshuk. I told My Hero about this conversation so he decided he would build one for her.
 Well My Hero never does anything small or simple , and since we have a backhoe he made this huge one.
It sits in a rocky pasture on a hill not far from NDF's  house. The cows pass it everyday on their way to the pond to get water. Like a sign post.We all get to enjoy it.
 Inukshuk meaning in the shape of man, has many meanings."Someone was here or you are on the right path"
It was also used as a directional or a mile marker. Sometimes food was stashed on the icy plain, the  Inukshuk was build on top for The Inuit to have when needed, if  they were hunting or were lost.
 Nowadays it is a symbol of friendship and good luck for most.
 The friendship one is the reason for this act. We are very lucky to live in a place where all the neighbours are like family. I cannot ever imagine leaving here,we are truly blessed.

Low water now, in the spring it is beautiful.

 My Hero has an artist within.He is very creative. He can produce art with the backhoe, the Inukshuk, and the landscaped rocky edge that surrounds the stream by our pump house.The rocks placed just right.
Looks much better with the rushing water.

 The welder is the greatest tool for his talent and artistry. He has made implements for the tractors, gates from scrap metal,window coverings from steel wheels for our barn and a tractor canopy. He has welded pens and made tools that are needed on the farm.

One of many gates and pens.

  He can also create with cement, and wood there is not a project he won't design and build.

 Art out of necessity.He is full of amazing ideas; He builds works of art from the places in his mind.

The concrete wall. between barn and hen house.

   He is always thinking and planning the next big project. I love watching the process. He is a true artist.
 Farmers are truly artist's of necessity.



  1. We love that inukshuk and walk down to see it quite often.



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