Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A killing frost!

" 'Tis of the tears which stars weep, sweet with joy."

 Mr. Bailey was talking about the dew, I think frost is like frozen dew.
Maple leaf. Perfect white strands of frost.

 It is 9am. it looks like winter is coming. At least the cold is here.

 I find it hard to get out of bed this morning.I am reminded my Fibro has an aversion to the cold. I must get up and not let the Fibro win.
 I go outside to take pics for all my friends that live  in those lovely warm places.
It is very beautiful. Beautiful and deadly to living plants. A blanket of frost.

NDF rose.

 My Kale is now touched by the frost, or should I say  it has been flash frozen by the frost.This will only make it sweeter.I will chop some up today and put in the freezer for my soups and stews for the long winter ahead. The rest I will leave in my garden close to my door for easy access it will keep well into the winter.Even covered in the snow it tastes great and is very good for you.

The kale

I am certainly glad I had the fore thought to bring in a pile of wood last night. The warmth of the fire helps my aching bones.
 I have my coffee and get dressed in multiple , warm layers and off I go to feed the cows.
 The sun is shining on the frost making it sparkle.
  It is -4c.

Milk weed pod

Frost on fence rail

Ice on the water.Reflections.

More ice.

Going to be a great day.


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