Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Addiction to Books!

"Some books are to be tasted,
others to be swallowed,
and some few to be chewed and digested."

I can never pass a sign like this.

 I was lucky enough to go to our local Church basement yesterday.There is a rummage sale there twice a week.I walked in and they had six large boxes of books.
 This is heaven to me the hunt of the perfect book is just as much fun to me as the find.I find myself drawn compulsively to these bundles of knowledge.I sit on the floor for an hour.
 It was a very good day I found many books to take home and put with the others I have collected over the years. Rummage sales, auction sales, thrift stores are where I find my treasures.

I find myself drawn to poetry books and works by authors like Ella Wheeler Wilcox, R Browning,and of course Tennyson, Edgar Allen  Poe, and Longfellow.
 I love how the words seem to flow from the pages and into my mind. Taking all my worries and troubles away.
An old tourist map of an English town.

This has to be one of my greatest finds. The lithograph plates in this book are amazing.
 I was drawn to this book by the brilliant colours.I love art books they fascinate me.  K is always looking for them as she was an art student.

This book is an original from 1947 it is very sought after but I would never sell it. I gave it to K as a gift,I know she will treasure.
 My girls tend to have the same addiction. We will spend hours in an old bookstore combing the shelves for just the right book.
 We have always found something. They were very easy children to entertain, we would just go to a bookstore and put in a whole day. I loved this. Lots of memories.

I find I even love the feel of the old paper on my fingers. Being very gentle as to not tear or stain them.

  My interests vary widely. I have childrens books,which bring back memories of days gone by

I have a lot of sewing books from the 1950's a new interest.Fashion books, old atlas's, Many many books.
 I will probably never get over this addiction and then again why would I want to.
 Off to read before the sun comes up and I have to do my chores.

 If you would like to read some good Canadian poets try  'The Winter Lakes' by Wifred Cambell, and   'The Deserted Pasture' by Bliss Carman and  'M'Sieu' by  Wilson MacDonald

 I am sure you will enjoy them as I have.


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