Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mystery and Doubt! and Mystery Solved!

"Of that there is no doubt-
No probable,possible shadow of doubt -
No possible doubt whatever".
                            William Schwenck Gilbert

Tues morning started very early. Today I have to take my Mom to clinic to check her broken arm. I post my blog at 2:30am.I go back to bed till 5:30.
 " Oh To Sleep".
 As the sun comes up and I am enjoying my cup of coffee, I grab the binoculars to check the cows.

 A new born calf running, healthy, and eating.(just what I like to see).
 Now DOUBT! " Maybe #163 did not lose her calf, and I had not calculated the due date right.Maybe I was wrong and she had just hidden it.They like to hide them for safety from the coyotes, and apparently us.
 I have no time to check I have to go get my Mother.This mystery will have to wait until later today when I return.
 Waiting in the clinic and other errands makes me late getting home, it is almost 3 pm. It is dark here around 6 now so I must hurry.
 I jump in the tractor to go move some bales for the cows and try to solve this mystery.
 I look all through the bush, looking  for the calf I had seen from the window. It had been about an hour.     "Had I been  seeing things?" No luck.
 I decide I should use the 'blat like a new calf' trick.That worked, even though it probably sounded like a very strange calf. Two, yes two mothers coming running to see what was going on.
 One was #163 the other a close look alike. Both showing signs of just having a calf lately.

#163 on right.

Now I have to wait and see if they go to one or two calves. I walk into the bush again and they do not follow me. This can only mean one thing, I am going the wrong way and they are not worried. I head  in the other direction where the calf is probably hid.
 I look for awhile more, the sun getting lower in the sky.Just as I was going to give up I almost trip over this beautiful,healthy bull lying in the sun.

 Now I just have to figure out which one is the mother and who lost their calf. Or maybe there is another calf hidden out there.Doubt.
 First light I will venture out and try to solve this mystery.I will let you know.

  All in a good day!  I also made a friend, this red squirrel was  following me watching the mystery unfold.Jumping tree to tree.I do love the bush.


Mystery Solved!!!!  well almost.

 It is 9:30am on Wed., feeding the cows and searching for the answer to the mystery, I have an update. 

 Meet #163 and her new calf,  I shall name Ernest the second.

Now they are off to find another great hiding spot.
 I have no idea what #18? was doing back there I think she had a calf but now more doubting myself. I will continue to search the bush and see what I can find.
 It appears my calculations were off,  lack of sleep is effecting my thinking. It is right on time I was wrong.. On a bright note I had 6 hours sleep last night. Calving season has officially began.
 This should be fun.


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